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    I am interested in learning more about all aspects of woodworking. I love to build projects for our home and for others...problem is the lack of skills!
  1. Well hello guys, this is my first post, but I've been here lurking for awhile. I was looking for a little help with tool setup. Recently my father, a devoted woodworker, purchased the Powermatic 8" jointer with the helical cutting head. This was very good for me since I became the recipient of his old Rockwell/Delta 8" jointer that has served him well since 1983. I should be getting that in my shop if the rain stays away tomorrow. Anywho, in setting up his new jointer, we noticed that we were getting snipe on the last 3" of the board. It was a pretty significant, so we began adjusting th
  2. Is this stuff still for sale?