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  1. Gents, Thanks for the great adivce. I am making three sitting benches. Two will be protected from the elements and one will be exposed to the rain, sun, sleet, hail, and what ever mother nature decides to throw at it. My plan is to let the outside one weather and dry for a year or so. If it warps, well such is life. The others will air dry for a year then I will replane, edge, and finish. Regards, Sparky
  2. I have a question. Near the house we have a lumber mill that makes construction timbers for the shoring industry. They also cut some boards to sell retail. All green. My wife wanted some gargen benches so I went and got some 3" slabs of red oak, 13" wide. Yes - they weigh a ton. I ran them through the planer and they look great. Now for the questions. They will take forever to dry. Can I put some sort of sealer on them? I would rather them not turn gray. I know they will check over time but for now I would like to protect them to the degree possible. Thanks Sparky
  3. I found a 1966 model NO. 113.24511 Craftsman Drill Press. Mint condition. 1/2 HP. $365. Opinions please. Thanks Sparky
  4. I would like to add a drill press to the stable of tools. Want a floor model but don't want to break the bank. Any recommendations on a decent drill press in the neighborhood of $400? Thanks Sparky
  5. Haven't lost anything to the DC but I constantly forget to empty the bottom bag. Next thing I know is both the top and bottom is full. Nightmare to empty then. Sparky
  6. Friends, Got in the chisels. Out of the box they are decent but I can see they will require some work. I have two older Arkansas stones ( medium and black/hard). I will use these to flatten the backs and get the edge razor sharp. Will update as time goes on. Again - thanks for the good advice. Sparky
  7. Thanks guys. I am ordering the Narex. Good set to learn on. Not big box store quality so I won't get discouraged by quality. At the same time I can learn without putting too expensive of a set at risk. Sparky
  8. Wantt to buy my first set of chisels. These will be what I learn with so there may be some newbie type abuse to them. Recommendations appreciated. Sparky
  9. My saw is now two years old. Try as I might, it is stained and I can't get it back to that new look. No pits, just stains. I work with some green oak from time to time and if it sits on the saw for a couple of minutes it will leave a brown mark. Non air conditioned shop in south Texas. There are a few sweat drops that left some surface rust. Rust promptly removed. Stains still there. Polished with extra fine steel wool. Sealed with Johnstons paste wax. But I want to get back to the new saw look. Any help is appreciated. Thaks Sparky