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    Beginner. Building something would be nice. Not too interested in turning right now. Thinking I'm leaving towards using mostly hand tools...of course if I had just used that hollow chisel mortiser...
  1. Hi Tony, First of all, thank you for your service. The PTSD will get better (I'm sure you've already heard that over and over). I've just joined the Hand Tool School (http://www.handtoolschool.net) and haven't yet started building anything, but he covers the basics and incorporated projects into the lessons for things that you use to build more projects (e.g.: shooting boards, miter boxes, a sawbench, etc.). The first lesson is free and is basically an overview. The guy that puts it on is named Shannon Rogers. He's active on this forum and also has a free podcast (http://renaissancewoodworker.com/) Good luck!
  2. So I was chopping some veggies for dinner up and thought to myself, "Dave, you need a high quality end grain cutting board..." Actually I was thinking of building a bookcase and started searching around for plans and ideas. I stumbled upon this whole world that I had no idea existed! Matt's Basement Workshop, The Wood Whisperer, Hand Tools and Techniques (Logan Cabinet Shoppe, which still makes me think of Wolverine), Renaissance Wood Worker, and countless others. I discover a new blog or video everyday. That was only a few months ago. I haven't built the bookcase yet, but I've got a workbench and a few tools and a whole lot of motivation. Seeing everyone's posts here is great and makes me feel like I can really make a quality piece of furniture and that if I get stuck I've got a whole group of people willing to help me out and give me pointers. My 30th birthday is coming up and I've been dropping all sorts of hints about the Hand Tool School to my wife...we'll see how it pays off. =)
  3. Hopefully this shows the dangers of showing the dangers of kickback to any would-be video producers out there... Glad he didn't get hurt. Everything happened so fast! If he had trouble finding the piece of wood imagine trying to find your finger! I saw a video demonstrating kickback with foam, but that didn't really strike fear and respect into me like this one did.
  4. The thinner saw looks like a compass saw with the point cut off. http://www.oldtoolphotos.com/toolphoto.asp?photo=288
  5. Wow, thanks for all the input folks! I think for now I'm going to try to just sharpen it up and use it. The less work I have to do to the tool the better...I want to build something already! =) I got another No. 4 and it's got a lot more rust so I'll probably get some evapo-rust and try that as Shannon suggested for some old saws...then again I do like playing with electricity. The down side for me is that I'm completely new to planes, so the fact that it does or doesn't work right could be completely blamed on my "technique". I'll have to practice practice, maybe take a local class on hand planes. Thanks!
  6. Hi Folks! I recently purchased a vintage Stanley No.5 plane. Before I got to work cleaning it I figured I should ask...how much should I actually clean it? It's got a nice patina on the sides and sole, but that may just mean it's dirty and needs to be cleaned! I was thinking of using some scotch pads on the sole and sides to clean it up, and also clean up any and everything else I can; maybe even lapping the sole and sides to get them shiny again. But I also kind of like the idea of having 60+ years of use showing on the tool. So...how far would you go to clean up this plane?
  7. Seems to be down right now...that's too bad; now I have to work.
  8. Found it: http://www.wkfinetools.com/contrib/bSmalser/art/strSawBlade/strSawBlade1.asp Looks like maybe I should leave that to a pro, or just accept the fact that I'll probably ruin a few saws before doing it right. Thanks again.
  9. Great thanks guys! I'll give those a shot. Any tips on a bent saw plate?
  10. I'm in Fremont! I'm pretty new to the craft and all I've built is a simple workbench. I don't so much have a "shop" as much as part of the garage that the cars don't take up... I'm thinking that hand tools may be the way to go for me given the space considerations as well as the noise factor (I live in a townhouse).
  11. Hi folks, I'm very new to woodworking and in fact my wife is pretty sure I'm just a tool collector...below is some background, but the question is after that... Anyway, my wife's grandmother gave me an old saw that belonged to her husband. After realizing that getting a table saw in my little space is probably not going to happen, and I'm convincing myself more and more that I want to use handtools as much as possible, I decided that I need some saws. After listening to old episodes of Woodtalk Online (Radio) I heard Shannon mention that he sent his Disston D7 off to Bad Axe toolworks. I checked out the saw that I got and lo and behold...it's a Disston D7 crosscut saw from somewhere around the 1950's. So I'd like to keep it and restore it if possible... I went to Bad Axe Toolworks' website and he recommends that I clean it up before sending it out for service. I (sort-of) followed the directions he has (http://www.badaxetoolworks.com/cleaning-a-sawplate.html), but am still left with a black gunk over a lot of the sawplate (see the photo for a sample before cleaning). I don't think it's rust; I used naval jelly and that seems to have gotten rid of a lot of rust, but the black stuff remains. I can't seem to scrape it off with a razor blade and it doesn't seem to be coming off very much by scrubbing with sanding sponges or scotch brite pads. I don't want to scrub so much that I put scratches in the saw plate. I started to uncover some old etching and I'd like to be able to see it when I'm all done...I'm afraid of scrubbing right through it. So three part question: 1) Instead of Naval Jelly should I use something else like Evaporust or Rusterizer (I couldn't find either at my local hardware store, didn't try big box yet)? 2) Is this black stuff old pitch or resin? 3) How do I remove it safely? Thank you for your help!