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  1. Just going to attempt my first breadboard end. My stock is dressed out to 13/16" so was curious to what size(thickness) i should make the tenon? Thanks Shane
  2. rubus

    Domino set

    Hey just going to purchase the df 500. Are the stops worth buying as well?
  3. rubus

    festool df 700

    Just curious if the bigger domino unit can work with 3/4 " material? In other words would it register in the middle of the board with an 8mm tenon? Just trying to convince myself to buy the bigger of the two......I work with mostly 3/4" material but I would like to have to ability to have a longer tenon for table aprons or bedframes.. Thanks
  4. Is it good practice to use dominos for head and footboard construction. I am joining 1x6 boards into 3x3 posts. Do you think using dominos alone is strong enough? Thanks
  5. Yes how long the board should be to support the domino plate. The pieces i want to use are 2 inch long by 1.5 inch wide.
  6. Just wondering if it is possible to put a small tenon in a 2 inch long piece of stock. In otherwords how long does the board have to be when using the domino. I am placing some 2 inch accent pieces in a headboard between two boards. Maybe dowels would be better? Thanks Shane
  7. just wondering which is the most common method people use to cut motises in the end cap? thanks shane
  8. I am building a 42" wide table 4/4 walnut. Do you think not having a breadboard is a bad idea?
  9. Hi folks, Just wondering what the thoughts are on using the df 500 for breadboard ends? Typical method of glueing the middle domino and boring through the others with a pin driven through to keep it tight. As usual, trying to save time....... Thanks Shane
  10. Hi folks, just starting a 4x6 trestle dining table made of 4/4 walnut. I would like to leave the end grain exposed rather than the beadboard look. Is this a bad idea in terms of keeping the table top flat? Are there any secrets in doing it this way? Thanks Shane
  11. I have been using a biscuit joiner for laminating planks for tables. I was considering a domino joiner and was curious if this would be overkill for glueing together long grain to long grain? Do these joiners provide strength to the table top or is it just for registration? Thanks Shane
  12. Hi folks, just looking to purchase a dust collector and was considering the following units. I want to spend about $1000. The Powermatic PM 1300 canister Laguna 1.5 Hp cyclone Dust FX 2HP canister with Hepa filter. These are all in the price range but hard to nail down which one to purchase. I only run one machine at a time and will use flex 4" pipe. Thanks for any input.... Shane
  13. Hi folks, Just building a few trestle tables and was curious what people thought of slip tenons compared to regular tenons. With a long apron it seems like the only way to go. Am I missing something here? Thanks Shane
  14. Hi folks, just wondering the best finish for a hardboard worktable. Would a paste wax work so glue does not stick to it? Thanks