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    Preparing for a bench build; Shaker utilizing Benchcrafted Vises (double leg vise and wagon tail vise), standing furniture, box work, craft assistance for my wife.....
  1. Thanks a bunch Matt.... I have the doors closed when working and when I say furnace, I mean radiated style: you know the 150 gallon bung tank hanging from the subfloor feeding 19 radiators in a house of 74 windows. There is no ductwork anywhere in the house.... I will remain ever vigilant with regard to dust, shaving, chips, rags, and accelerants though. I don't want to lose everything or a life because of carelessness in the fire safety area. I'll look into the humidifier idea, thanks a bunch.
  2. For the military guys, you can add an additional 10% off also.
  3. A tile topped buffet table for the wife.
  4. I am very very interested..... I live in Garden City on Long Island
  5. We live in a 1921 Colonial Brownstone that were General's homes at the Mitchel Airfield here on Long Island..... Well the wife and my daughters really need more space for their crafting and I'm strewn between 3 of the 6 rooms in the basement. I'm working to move all of my tools into just one big room and out of both the laundry room area (where the girls crafting stuff is) and also out of the large room where drunk Marines can sleep it off if need be. So I'm moving it all to the super large furnace room that has enough space to house and make available all of my tools (wood/mechanical); whi
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    Mine just uploaded fine from FB snyc application, not sure about the upload.
  7. -Russ is spot on with google images. You can brainstorm quickly and isolate what you like from what you don't. Another great place is Pinterest! If you don't have an account, let me know and I can send you an invitation. It's my favorite place on the web.....
  8. One thought for having two vises and expanding what you can do in such a tight space, would be to install a wagon style tail vise. You not use very much space and would have the two vises you want. Additionally, you'd have both x and y axis for work holding as it doesn't appear as though you have much clamping ability right now. Good luck.....