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  1. SamV

    Hand-Crank Grinder

    Nice one, should clean up well. I like the double mounts for the tool rests something I wish mine had. Looks like it could use a elephant foot replacement on the mounting screw or a plate for the underside of wherever you mount it.
  2. Hardly, sharpening stones, bench grinder, files for the saws. Really all one needs.
  3. I sharpen pretty much everything if it's dull. Circle cutters, hand saws, nickers, drill bits over 1/4' or so, kitchen knives, Unibits, pretty much you name it.
  4. SamV


    I was like "shop remodel"? what.... oh, the pictures aren't linked with their owners albums yet. they're just floating... in space. Thanks Mat60 for the "nice work"
  5. SamV

    Hand-Crank Grinder

    Bud, I picked this one up for cheap at an antique dealer back home. The holes for the shafts are worn, the handle was cobbled together and broken and the clamp had broken off years ago. Oh and it was covered in a grime that only came off after a trip to the bead blaster. I'm not a blacksmith (yet), but I tried to make a new crank handle out of a large bolt but wasn't happy with the first attempt and I'm not sure anymore I want to crank it by hand because to me it's on the wrong side from the tool rest casting. I'm working on a new tool rest in the pictures and mounted it to the angle for now. And I'm devising a way in the traveling shop to add bushings to get rid of the slop. Still debating if I want to marry it to the bottom half of a treadle sewing machine table I have, I've learned to sharpen using both hands cranking with my dominant seems odd. Happy hunting. Mine has a 5" diameter by 1" wide wheel. 1" arbor hole. As soon as I get the thing sorted I'll replace the wheel with a quality Norton one and might bump up to a 6" to have more selection.
  6. Boxes here too, wait. T-shirt came in a bag
  7. Cracked or not, it's still worth fixing up. My Stanley #4 still has a cracked mouth (thanks Ebay) and I still use the crap out of it. I just learned to don't ask it to plane birdseye maple or bloodwood anymore.
  8. SamV

    Carcass saw

    I donated $40 to Mr. Bode in exchange for this affordable Disston saw. It's no collector's item but after a tune up it cuts very well.
  9. it sure looks like a screw/bolt threading tool to me. Peter Ross uses one very similar making the hardware for Roy Underhill's Gate a few seasons ago. Episode "Field gate Hinges" right around 22 min into the program Peter has this tool in use. hope this helps h