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  1. Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. The Planer will be in on Thursday, and I have a plan. I bought a 750/1500 lb electric hoist from Northern tools and installed it today. I guess I'll see how it works on Thursday.

    Thanks again.


  2. Any suggestions from you guys that have been down this road many times?

    I purchase a heavy 15" planer. My delivery choices are at my business or at my home where my shop is. I have plenty of room for an 18 wheeler to pull into the parking lot at my business. My plan was backing my pickup up to the delivery truck and sliding it into my bed. Then getting it home and backing my truck up to my detached two car garage workshop and.......then what.

    Having the freight company deliver to my house isn't going to work. I have a long narrow winding driveway that leads to my house and then my shop is behind my house. It simply couldn't make the trek.

    I was thinking about renting a cherry picker ( engine hoist) and getting it off my pickup that way.

    Any ideas would be really appreciated.


    Bob D

  3. Marc, I would be honored for you to snag one of my photos and place it on the Adirondack chair section.

    I posted about 20 pictures on my Facebook page last night, and I got a bunch of compliments. One good one was from my sister who lives in upstate New York.

    Here it is: Nancy Manning I live in the Adirondacks and have never seen one of that quality!

    Anyway, I was making a point, I would never have done something like this if I never joined your Guild. Consider me a a lifelong member. Your patient instruction made me look like a professional to my family and friends.

    Any idea what the next Guild build is going to be?

    Thanks again Marc,

    Bob Devereaux

  4. I'm a fairly new woodworker and a newbie to the Guild. I was very excited to build this chair. I learned quite a lot of new techniques and skills I may never had learned, if not for Marc's incredible teaching style.

    Thank you Marc. I look forward to learning a lot more from you. I hope to one day in the future, attend one of your classes or William Ng's classes.

    Bob Devereaux