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    I'm a fairly new beginner to wood working. I'm a programmer during the day and I try to be a wood worker by night. Four kids and a wonderful wife make it hard to do that all the time though.
  1. I'm in the Fort Worth/Dallas area (closer to Fort Worth though). Thanks for the warm welcome and I look forward to learning lots and hopefully being helpful too.
  2. Thanks all. I'll try giving him a call to see if I can get a look at it. I was mainly wondering if I should even waste my time on it but I think I might!
  3. OK, so I'm slowly watching the videos leading up to the Roubo bench and I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to get the wood. I heard in one of the videos "Why My Workbench Sucks" that it's going to be about 150-200 board feet of lumber. I thought of going out to Craigslist to see if anything popped up on there and I found this one: http://dallas.craigs...2753190119.html He just references $1.75 per foot for oak, not referencing board-feet. My question is whether this is a decent price for oak and if so, any ideas on whether it may work for most of what I need for the table? S
  4. Hello all! My name's Mark and I just joined TWWG due to an awesome Christmas gift from my in-laws. I'm really enjoy wood working but don't get to do much of it because of my four kids I hope to watch the videos and ask questions on this forum to better help me increase my skills. I also look forward to getting to know some/many of you! Later, Mark