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  1. My father in- law has had maple stickered since 2005, is this lumber still good to use? My plan would be to make a bed for my daughter out of some lumber her grandpa had, who is now passed. Since it has not been in a controlled environment do I need to bring the wood indoors to acclimate to the house?? My shop tho is not heated where I will be taking it out to mill down?
  2. Why does Scott Phillips from American woodshop always use the table saw first on rough sawn lumber? Before he planes it or anything? Is it safe?
  3. Adding a ? To this topic. I just made a handle for a razor blade for someone. It is going to be getting wet when they shave so what Finnish should I use? It is also walnut. They want it to be really shinny! Thanks
  4. I was at my local lumber supplier, and was just going thru all the wood. Does anyone ever use basswood or poplar in their projects and finishing it whatever look you are wanting to achieve ? I really love walnut and cherry but cannot always afford it for every project!
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  6. ? What are kiln samples of wood? They are a lot cheaper at lumber than the regular wood they carry? Anyone now? Thanks
  7. Yea I had to open garage doors and windows. Next time I think I will turn off gas heat and use electric heat.
  8. anyone have any solutions to use when staining your project that the gas heater does not make your fumes smell? is there any different finishes that i can use like a gel or schalac finish or will i get fumes with those?
  9. i went to the lumber yard and bought some rsawn woak and after starting to face joint i believe i got shanked with one board of the curly fig oak. could not tell at lumberyard! it does not have the grain of the rest, it is darker and has some of the curl in it- if i can upload i pick i would but dont know how?? it throws me for a loop cuz i dont want to use it if its not the same grain pattern! unless i use it for the shelf on the night stand? i want to even take it back and return it even tho ive jointed it? what to do?
  10. i bought it on saturday and will be using by this weekend- so i am hoping it will hold its form. im not actually storing and stacking it since im using it soon. i guess i need to save up for some wall racks.
  11. what is good maintenance care for new cutting board? i already applied general finishes butcher block oil. what to do after my wife uses it? wash in hot soapy water and let it air dry in dish strainer?? do you re-apply more oil after each use or what??? thanks
  12. what is the best way to stack lumber? the lumber yard that i bought it from had it stacked up against the wall. so when i brought it home i did they same. should i be stacking it flat on racks?(if i had lumber racks but i don't) I'm letting the wood sit to my shops temp before i work with it. this is my first time buying rough sawn lumber. all the other projects have been with s4s from save big money stores.
  13. thanks vital bodies! mine does not look like that it has like grooves and ridgers in a diaganal pattern somewhat- so i should not use it for a card scraper??
  14. burnishing tool ??. i think i have one that i found at a garage sale? how do i know if its not to sharpen a knife blade? or are they the same tools to use? i tried it on a pizza cutter where it did not have a bur and i made a burr? what should the steel look like?