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  1. Jason White

    Wood Shop Flooring Options

    Since you don't have moisture issues, a floating "engineered" floor might work well. They're pre-finished, plus the foam underlayment will make it feel a bit more resilient and more comfortable than standing on concrete all day. DriCore tiles are expensive and probably overkill, given your situation. On the other hand, sleepers and plywood would allow you to run wiring under the floor if your heart so desires and the floor will have more "give," so you'll be more comfortable.
  2. Jason White

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Hi, John. I just moved here (LA), too. Hope to see you around! Whereabouts in LA are you? Jason
  3. Jason White

    Any Los Angeles woodworkers here??

    So, what. No LA folks here?!
  4. Jason White

    unisaw floor model vs factory direct...

    The main drawback with a floor model/demo unit is that you never know if the person who assembled it knew what they were doing. It could be missing parts, damaged, etc. Also, transporting a fully or partially-assembled tablesaw is a major PITA! Personally, I enjoy assembling my machines from scratch because it gives me a a better understanding of how the machine works, proper adjustment, etc. That said, I have personally assembled two contractor saws and two cabinet saws and it gets old really fast! Jason
  5. Jason White

    Any Los Angeles woodworkers here??

    Thanks, guys! Looking forward to getting moved into a new shop very soon. - Jason
  6. Hi, guys. My name is Jason White and this is my first time posting here. Nice to "meet" all of you! I lived in Boston for the last 8 years, but recently moved to Los Angeles. Most of my workshop moved with me, except for my larger machines (cabinet saw, drill press, jointer, etc.). I'm currently seeking a rental house with a garage big enough to use as a workshop. Ideally, the garage would already have sufficient electrical service, or a landlord who will let me add a few circuits. I work in television, so ideally I'd like something fairly central to west LA, Burbank, Santa Monica, Hollywood, etc. Thanks a bunch! - Jason White