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  1. Likewise What a great idea for a project and thanks to Marc for all of the techniques we have all learn along the way. What's next I wonder? Oh and Venus says Twit-twoooo to Marc.
  2. Indeed I made contact with Dr Freud and he said that there was some confusion in my mind. He said that some people saw venus as an owl which for the poor thing was terribly upsetting and he suggested that i did something to avoid such future misunderstandings. Mr Freud the tool man was also a bit peeved with the Veritas hardware adorning Venus and suggested that replacing this with some custom pegs might, as it were, kill two birds with one stone. So out with the old metalwork and a quick spin on the lathe to make the new pegs. Ahhh.....that's my Venus di Roubo. no question. cc
  3. think mine is more willendorf than de milo then..?
  4. interesting. what do they say there is never a unique idea.... anyway appreciation of the human form goes back a little while. Praxiteles started it cc
  5. probably something with a twig. cc
  6. Dead woman update. She takes shape - oh yes more pics on the blog CC
  7. i would set the legs so that the out of square bits are proud. Take your router jig for flattening the top and then square the legs all the way down using the same technique as for the top. There you go - two uses from one jig allready. Marc said it would come in handy. (or you could always just plane them) cc
  8. a good question. and one that only webmaster can answer. It's a JPEG but wont let me upload saying error 403. That must be a big one. hooray. just re imported into iphoto and here it is. compoootahs who knows what they are doing.
  9. To personalise my Roubo I am going for something different. Here is the sketch for Dead Woman......Hey we need not be sexist and just stick to men in the shop. Anyway I shall post the results on the blog when I get round to it later at the weekend. Anyine with any other ideas for this interchangable part of the bench?? CC
  10. told you there would be another one. top tip. when aligning the nuts in the removable hardware in the leg rails drill the bolt hole first, put the bolt in and align the position you need to drill the hole for the nut. it is surprising how far off the hole can wander as you need to drill it free hand for a good portion. that lesson I learned after hole number one. which to get over the fact that the two holed didn't align means I have a slightly bigger hole for the nut. you're always learning.
  11. I would start by pulling the rod out and taking a look at the inside of the hole ini the end cap. i found that because my clearance hole was slightly skewed and also a bit of a tighter fit because of using metric drills the tread rubbed a bit. I just took a file to the offending area. if that isn't the problem the the other area to look at are the two bolts holding the metal plate on the end cap. loosen those and see if that changes things, idiot does, again it points to slight skew of one to both of those holes. Opening up these a bit is not a problem and that should allow the thread to self centre. it is the washer that keeps the thread central. let us know if any of that works. cc
  12. oh and before someone asks...... th phrase cock-up Oddly, in British English it is not these days a vulgarism, or at least only a very mild one. It comes from one of several senses of cock, to bend at an angle, as in — for example — cocking a gun or turning up the brim of one’s headgear (so producing an old-time naval officer’s cocked hat). The use of cock-up to mean a blunder or error was originally British military slang dating from the 1920s. The slang sense of cock clearly had a lot to do with its adoption, but this hasn’t stopped it being used in respectable publications, and modern British dictionaries mark it merely as informal or colloquial. so there!
  13. Ok so time to bare all and spill the beans on the cock-ups you make as you go through the build. And hopefully the ways you get round them. I shall start, with probably not the first of mine. I got to the glue up stage with dog strip and on checking the squareness of the end of the dog strip, nearest to the vice end, (yes after it was glued) found that it was not. Square that is. Problem stems from the chop saw being slightly out, That hadn't mattered until this point. So to get over it I set up some blocks on either side of the top and used a fence to rout the end of the dog strip square again. Now who else has something to tell us!
  14. The low angle planes allow you to change the cutting angle by a different grind on the blade. So you can end up with a few planes in one. Veritas as well. Cc