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  1. I have a ryobi and it works fine. If I wanted to spruce it up I would buy an aftermarket blade for it.
  2. I like the build - this is towards the top of my shop builds. DId you put it on wheels? Mine would need to be because my wife kicks me out of the garage when there is snow outside. I think I even have the same table saw! The only thing I would add to mine for functionality would be to have a place where I could put a bench top tool station. Something like this except I would only have the front lip with holes to "loosely" bolt it into threaded inserts on the assembly table. http://www.woodstore.net/plans/shop-plans/tool-bases-stands/1366-Bench-tool-System.html
  3. My local woodworking studio (which has since closed - boo) had a domino. I would load up all my milled stock and drive the hour to pay $8/hr to use it and considered that a bargain! I am not looking forward to my next project when I am back to normal mortises...
  4. Nice table. I was wondering if you minded saying how much the wood was per board foot. I have a local lumber yard that has air dried walnut that is about 5/4 and they are selling it for $5 a bf which seems like a good deal. (still has the live edges like yours) but then you have to deal with the sap wood.and they definitely have more sap wood on their then you do. I picked up a board for the poker chip trays (thought the contrast might look nice in those) - but love furniture out them like you built. Really nice piece.
  5. I know this is pretty late as far as this topic but if anyone is ever looking for a good casual guild that raids current content look up Knights Who Say Ni on Quel'dorei. Very friendly guild that is great. Just IM an officer and tell them you know toomey and would like an invite. It is a very active casual guild that you can do as much (or as little) as you want with.
  6. Isn't a resaw king the top blade anyways? All the stuff that I have said is that it is an excellent saw. I really want to get one so I will look forward to your review if you get one!
  7. I am currently saving for an 8" jointer. I am hoping to find one on craigs list for a reasonable price but if not...I will probably go with a Grizzly HH cutter 8". If it is used I would be willing to pay around $600 for it (depending on model and that is assuming straight blades) and then I would upgrade the cutter with an after market like SHELIX. That then brings me right back into the same range as you would pay for the brand new Grizzly so it would need to be what I would consider a top 2-3 brands to go used. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  8. I actually just made this same decision today - I ordered some bubinga and and a blade today to make a medium shoulder plane - hopefully for less than $50 I will end up with a nice plane for cleaning up tenons. While not a "large" plane I thought it might be a nice way to get my feet wet.
  9. I am going to try and work my way through some of the old guild builds while I am eagerly awaiting the Morris Chair build! So the other day I decided to do the shaker table build (actually a pair of them) from Soft (Red) Maple. I went to my local lumber yard (Connecticut Wood Group - Hardwood Outlet) and picked out an 8/4 board for the legs and two 4/4 curly maple boards for the aprons and top. The board for the legs was about 6 inches wide, the one for the aprons was also about 6 and the one for the top was about 8. Now the only thing about CWG is that you have to buy the whole board and almost all their boards are 12'. Hence my decision to do 2 tables - I will still have about 7 feet of 8/4 left over but I figure I will find something to use that on. They are always super helpful and let me poke around as much as I want and pick out that "perfect board" for my project. They will joint and plane the boards for you if you want (just flat not to final thickness) and have no problem breaking down the boards to whatever length you desire for no charge (great for those of us without a trailer or a truck.) Fast forward to today (2/21), I went to the local woodworking club (Keeseh - in Providence, RI) and milled up the boards. In a little under 2 1/2 hours I was able to get all 4 legs cut - as close to a rift saw as I could - and brought down to just proud of 1 1/8", mill and cut to size the aprons for the board and all the drawer fronts. I was careful for the aprons and drawer fronts to keep them as a continuous loop around the table so the grain should start in one corner and run continuous around the table. Hopefully that little bit of extra work adds to the final product. For the front stretchers and drawer front I was able to cut them from the same piece of wood so you should be able to see a continuation of the grain from the top stretcher to drawer front to bottom stretcher. I have included a photo of the curly maple and all the wood stickered so hopefully it stays true till I get a chance to cut the mortises and tenons. Hopefully this weekend or next week I will be able to get out to the router table and get that done and move on to the tapers for the legs!
  10. K Cooper - I was stationed in Morgan City, LA - their slogan is the middle of everywhere which is really just a polite way of saying the middle of no where. I have since transferred to New London, CT where hopefully I will finish out my career. So it is now time for me to start buying some real tools - no more contractor tools:) Thanks for the kind words on the build. It was my first real gift piece that I built and was just glad that it came out ok!
  11. Hey I know this is a long time coming but here is an update on the shadow box that I built. I used walnut and finished it using a wiping poly with 3 coats sanded with 320 sandpaper in between coats. I think it came out good but there are definitely some things I will change when I build my next one. Hope you guys like the pictures and thanks for the advice!
  12. jdbrown1998

    Shadow Box

    An end table shadow box that I made for a coworker who was retiring after 28 years on active duty in the Coast Guard.
  13. Thanks all for the advice and confirmation. I am primarily a power tool type but I am glad to be adding in a few hand tools and this looks like it could be a nice addition to my work.
  14. Hello, I recently bought a #4 Great Neck Plane with light surface rust for $10. I was wondering if: 1) Anyone knows anything about this company (are they good planes) 2) Does the following plan sound good for getting it ready to use? a) Check the base for flatness and if not flatten it Check back of cutting blade for flatness and then flatten it c) Sharpen blade I normally use the scary sharp method of sharpening. This is my first plane purchase beyond a Stanely Block Plane from a big box store. Thanks for your help and any information that you can provide. -Joe
  15. Hello I just saw a post for a $900 was wondering if you guys thought this was a good deal? Here is the description and the pic did not show any rust at all it did not have flames though!) - it was their standard yellow. This is a beautiful powermatic 66 left tilt saw with beismeyer style fence system and table extension complete with 6 drawers for storage and mobile base!