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  1. What could cause these drops in floor refinish job?

    The grain on those boards is quartersawn. They call that " ray fleck " it's more common in white oak. Sometimes white oak gets mixed in with red oak, especially the bundles they sell to builders. They charge more for wood purposely cut that way.
  2. An adequate sander

    I used Klingspor for many years. Bought in quantity and they shipped it to me. There are different "weight " paper backing discs, I was getting "J weight " I was fairly happy using it with a Bosch ROS. I was wearing out a Bosch in 3-4 years. Then I got a deal on a ETS 150 when a Festool salesman stopped by. Festool discs were pricey but they did a better job and lasted longer. I did a comparison and decided the better results and longer life made the Festool abrasives worth the price. That ETS 150 sander is about 10 years old and still going strong ! Klingspor sanding mop/flap wheels I still use. Klingspor makes the abrasive rolls for SuperMax drum sanders. 3M makes some great abrasives but the difficulty in finding a reliable source at a decent price is a barrier. They basically refuse to discount anything below a full case of one grit.
  3. Minwax oil modified polyurethane vs GF Enduro var

    I hold no ill will towards Minwax other than their stains. The fast drying poly has its risks but if you play by the rules it does dry fast. But there are so many better stains on the market. Try a few and see what works for you.
  4. Walnut desk finishing question

    You might try oiling a scrap of walnut then cut the channel for the holly & glue it in. But that might make sanding it flush tricky.
  5. Walnut desk finishing question

    I'm with Kev. The Arm R Seal by General finishes will make the walnut pop, but try it on the Holly before you decide to use it, it might amber it up a touch. General Finishes High Performance is a great finish.
  6. Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    I guess I did mention it earlier. Do you remember everything from January 6th ? Obviously I don't !
  7. New Member

    Stich was last here November 2014
  8. Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    When in doubt, overkill ! Who can't picture a child standing in a drawer ? Having said that if you French cleat the bookcase to the wall with a spacer the thickness of your base board it would prevent tipping.
  9. kitchen table (trestle)

    Nice looking trestle ! So if someone try's to pick up the table by the edge of the top the Tee nut will pull right out. I would put it in the bottom edge of the trestle crosspiece. I've made mistakes like this and learned the hard way. Just trying to help. I use a tiny bit of epoxy under Tee nuts, but make sure it doesn't get into the threads. If it does it's possible to clean out the dried glue with a tap. Or skip the glue....
  10. Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    1/2" is plenty for drawers depending on the joinery you use on the corners. 1/4 ply bottoms in a 1/4" deep dado with 1/2 of the side left below the bottom to support it. I use 5/8 Baltic with 5 mm dominos in the corners. Scraps of 1/4" or 1/2 glued to the bottom of the drawers is plenty of reinforcing. A 4" to 5" wide strip running in the longest direction is plenty but wider won't hurt. Finger joints , dovetails, drawer lock joints are also effective ways to put drawers together. Biscuits don't work that well, the front can rip out when the drawer is slammed. And drawers will get slammed ! Don't be too stingy with the glue. Dont forget to check opposite corner to corner measurements when gluing & clamping to ensure squareness. This drawer stock can Flex under clamp pressure but equal diagonal measurements work when using a square isn't reliable.
  11. Three legged stool seat with Maloof joints

    That's a beautiful modern take on a comfy tractor seat !
  12. How to attach leg to this desk?

    This might be better. go to rockler site and search for" surface mount corner bracket "
  13. 'Safely' cutting plastic pipe

    The way I am reading this is he only needs to cut a single kerf in the pipe, Not cut the pipe in half.
  14. Cutting Plastic on the Table Saw.

    The trim router may do fine without the razor knife work. Back the speed down if possible, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of full speed.
  15. 'Safely' cutting plastic pipe

    You could make an L shaped jig and use 2 strips of double face tape to hold the pipe still. Then it shouldn't be any problem to rip just one side. Pipe might try to close the kerf. But if you cut a board that would just fit inside and orient it parallel to the table saw that would help hold the kerf open.