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  1. wdwerker

    Lifting cabinet saw solo

    I've popped the top on my UniSaws several times and it's no big deal. Just 4 bolts under the corners. The SawStop is set up the same way. But really not nessacary just to get it on a mobile base. All the other methods mentioned work quite well .
  2. wdwerker

    White Oak Score, Plan to Quatersaw

    I can picture a woman driving on 2 wheels with the neighbors shrubbery trailing the car and Coop hanging on to the Jesus bar for dear life.... kinda evoking the spirit of the Griswolds !
  3. wdwerker

    Christmas Dining Table

    I've got a 12" duct w a duct booster fan & thermostat but it stirs up dust when I'm spraying so it doesn't get used much.
  4. wdwerker

    New jointer season? I think so.

    Might be able to add extra 1/2 under the center to reduce any flexing without adding to the height.
  5. wdwerker

    Christmas Dining Table

    High ceilings are a mixed blessing. I can stand an 8' tall Bookcase up on my assembly table and lean 16' boards against a wall but all the heat goes up there first. Sucks when you are paying for that heat, better come summertime.
  6. wdwerker

    White Oak Score, Plan to Quatersaw

    Don't those guys have one leg longer than the other ?
  7. wdwerker

    Christmas Dining Table

    That's why my tracks live in their boxes standing in a protected corner of the shop and get treated like they were made of glass. $330 for an 11' straightedge is brutal but worth it when you need a very long glue joint. It joins with my 75" track and a 6 ft level is used to make sure the joint is straight.
  8. wdwerker

    White Oak Score, Plan to Quatersaw

    I always wondered why don't you cut those logs around 9 ft so you get fully useful 8'+ lengths after drying ? Glad you scored some potential QSWH . Please have a hand plane handy when it gets cut & share some pics.
  9. wdwerker

    Marking Knife Suggestions

    I'm quite happy with my Veritas Striking knife. The blade is long enough to reach difficult places and slightly flexible too. Functional and affordable.
  10. wdwerker

    Christmas Dining Table

    Even when cutting with a quality tracksaw you need a steady stance and even pressure. Stumble over a cord band the saw will jiggle just enough to affect the cut. Shift pressure on the handle to reach further and that can show in the cut too. Practice the cut without the saw running and eliminate obstacles, hose/cord snags etc. I also practice the cut by cutting a 1/2" too long which removes any deflection from the offcut piece.
  11. wdwerker

    Drill bit set

    I've had better results from American or European made brad point bits than the lower priced Asian ones. However I have a big set like the one you linked to but just the fractional split point bits from 1/16 to 1/2 with multiples of each size 20 each of the smallest ones and only 2 or 3 of the biggest sizes. They are Asian imports and work fine in wood or mild steel/aluminum etc. Hard steel can burn up one of those bits on the first hole. But the set saves me a fortune on just the little bits that break so easily drilling pilot holes for screws. Over the years I have acquired a set of numbered ,lettered & metric size bits. When you need an in between size bit or a specified size they are very handy to have but the majority of those bits never get used. I've got a big 22 piece set of Rockler's Forstner bits that are most likely Asian but having the slightly under or oversized ones has paid off. 11/16 fits store bought 3/4" dowels that seem to always be undersized. If you keep them clean and run them at slow rpm's they behave well. But starting off with a quality set of brad points is a pretty wise choice.
  12. wdwerker

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    I tell people to either wait till I'm done with the machine or to call my cell phone. It's always set to ring loud and vibrate. If I even think I feel the phone vibrating I finish the cut then check it.
  13. wdwerker

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    The 3M double face foam mounting tape is very strong but it's kinda pricey.
  14. wdwerker

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    Double face foam tape. Reduce the transferred vibrations and just pull the top off to move & reinstall.
  15. wdwerker

    Walnut Vanity

    Consider the Blum undermount concealed slides if your drawer parts aren't already cut to size. They let the drawer be a little bit wider than a drawer for side mount slides. Looks like a very nice project !