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  1. wdwerker

    Loving having a big jointer!

    Can't even find a reference for " Slothwood " ! Please tell us more !
  2. wdwerker

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    Patch job looks good, but I would still face that side to the wall.
  3. wdwerker

    Making a glue joint.

    It's analog !
  4. wdwerker

    Finish for cedar being used on screen porch

    I'm with Frank. Exterior stain can be rolled on to apply it quickly then brushed to get it smooth & cover edges & missed spots.
  5. wdwerker

    Making a glue joint.

    The paper glue joint trick also works to mount a sacrificial block to faceplate turnings if you don't have a multi jaw chuck. Screws that go slightly into the bottom of the bowl improves being able to survive a big tool catch when roughing. I remember a bowl that came off the lathe and flew clear across the high school shop then exploded when it hit the concrete block wall. Everyone used screws w the glue/paper joint after that. Clean newsprint paper like they sell for packing/ moving works best. Used newspaper ink is a little harder to clean up.
  6. wdwerker

    Sanding Procedures

    Drum 150 then ROS 120 , 180, 220/240, 320 between coats & 400 before final coat. 2 light drum passes on each face is quicker than switching grits. 60, 80, 120 ,150, 220/240 drum if flattening panels or cutting boards. Maybe start at 36 if a board is very rough. Pencil marking faces to keep track of what is done. Digital calipers and digital height gauge on the drum sander is proving great when extra parts are need to match previously dressed stock. The harder the wood being sanded the smaller the adjustments between passes. Maple gets 1/16 th to 1/32nd of a turn along with more frequent cleaning with a frozen crepe rubber block. Freezing slows the wear & cleaning affect improves. I often have 2 blocks frozen & switch as they thaw out if I'm sanding all afternoon. Thanks for the speed chart Lewis ! I've been running much faster than those recommendations.
  7. wdwerker

    Morris Chair Pair

    My sister has been using Lexol on her leather sofa for close to 20 years.
  8. wdwerker

    Router Table vs Spindle Moulder

    I would take a free shaper but be cautious and practice before you tackle anything with valuable materials. A lot of work using shapers has the part clamped to a jig/fixture. Production shops use power feeders to hold the wood down and tightly against the fence while controlling the speed it's fed into the cutter. Push blocks or a Grripper would be the minimum safety devices.
  9. wdwerker

    Making a glue joint.

    If you ever need to glue a block for clamping put a piece of newspaper or copy paper in the joint w glue on both sides, thin coat . After you are done with it you tap a chisel at the seam . The paper will split down the middle and a card scraper will clean up any residue.
  10. wdwerker

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    A white ceiling and large wall expanses will be a big benefit to lighting & visibility. Lumber rack I wouldn’t paint. Home centers sell mis-tinted paint cheap. That could save on the initial coats. I would definitely use a white final coat. If you don’t shove your tools away from the walls and drop cloth them to paint now it might never happen.
  11. wdwerker

    Favorite turned legs?

    And we are back to the small jointer zone !
  12. wdwerker

    Choosing a spray finish

    On second thought chairs are tricky for me to spray . Even with almost 40 years of spraying experience I usually get overspray every time and runs frequently. If you still want to spray practice on something cheap with a complex shape. It’s easier to buff/sand/ polish oversprayed areas than it is to sand out runs. Runs from garnet shellac will be very difficult to remove without leaving streaks & light areas where you sand through the color. Light coats are safer.
  13. wdwerker

    Loving having a big jointer!

    And thus another round of “ Carrier Wars” ensues !
  14. wdwerker

    Favorite turned legs?

    I like the bottom left drawing. The first drawing has it looking like a chess piece. I've learned that little details under a low table are usually only seen with a passing glance, so it's purely a personal choice.
  15. wdwerker

    Morris Chair Pair

    I love the rich slightly mottled look of that leather. A single color leather just doesn't look natural. 4 hides ? Was there any useful scraps left ?