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  1. No angle change at all. Just cut the first cut about 1/4" too long. Final cut in one pass with circular saw. Maybe you could cut it 1" too long then try a full cut pass as a test run before you cut the actual exact cut. I didn't pick up on you finishing the slabs before fabricating the corner Joint & cut out. Just be aware you will probably need to sand the exposed faces to get a perfectly smooth surface. All glue joint surfaces need to be unfinished so the epoxy can soak in.
  2. wdwerker

    Polka Dot Box

    When I read " polka dot " I was expecting pink and white. Definitely want to see the " Final Ride " pictures !
  3. My current favorite . Shinwa $17 https://www.japanwoodworker.com/products/6-1-4-sliding-t-bevel
  4. With no active lock I am skeptical it would work well for me. I knock bevel gauges out of adjustment all the time.
  5. wdwerker

    Scrap wood step stool

    They make yellow glue that shows up in a UV / blacklight. You can wipe, scrape and sand checking with a UV LED flashlight until it is all gone. It works great ! She is so cute ! That stepstool can easily last the rest of her life. Make sure she signs and dates it.
  6. wdwerker

    Plant stand

    You are probably the only one who can see those little flaws. Table looks very sharp to me. We all make little mistakes but learning to keep your mouth shut is hard. They can't see it if you don't point it out, so stop that !
  7. wdwerker

    Crevasses/gaps in my polyurethane table top

    Bottom should be sufficient, especially if there is an apron on the table. We need to see a finished picture !
  8. wdwerker

    Bosch 12” SCMS accuracy issue

    UPS behaves just a bit better when their headquarters are here, not massively better, just a bit. I hope they replaced the saw in a timely manner.
  9. wdwerker

    Where’s Roy?

    Cooper Tools is/was another sponsor. Roy is 68, he's done over 400 episodes. He still has his school. Maybe he's ready to slow down a bit. Maybe we should chip in and get him some cordless tools ?
  10. wdwerker

    Where’s Roy?

    Looks like it was State Farm.
  11. Triangles to the long tops just glue & biscuits if you want them for alignment. If there isn't room in front of the sink hole for Tite joint fasteners then use one back inside the sink hole area. It will give you clamping pressure during the glue up close to the front and once the epoxy has cured cuttings that away with the sink hole won't matter. Do not use miter joint bolts that you have to route a "Tee" shaped recess for. They can pop out if over tightened and the will do it at the most crucial moment. It's worth buying the jig to drill for the Tite Joint fasteners. Even if you use a Forstner bit instead of the cheap paddle bit that comes with the jig.
  12. wdwerker

    live edge coffee table build

    Lookin good from here !
  13. wdwerker

    Bosch 12” SCMS accuracy issue

    I've got one. Better blade is a must for cut quality. Technique is needed to get an unwavering line. It's your pressure on the handle. You learn to stay steady and push straight. Workpiece needs to be well supported on both sides. It's got just enough play in it to deflect if you don't push evenly. Cutting a piece too long and then using a second cut for accuracy may help with long heavy hard to support boards. Mitering huge crown works well. Cutting strange compound angles back and forth between left & right gets better w practice. Once you learn the lock & unlock for angle & bevel it switches better than my 12" SCMS Dewalt ever did. Plus the saw occupies a Shallower footprint in a tight spot in my shop. For perfect 90 crosscuts I still prefer my sliding crosscut tablesaw. But changing angles on it isn't very fast. A crosscut sled on a tablesaw is better for reasonable length parts. But on really long stock the SCMS is the tool if you don't have the $$$ for a sliding crosscut tablesaw.
  14. wdwerker


    Harry Epstein is a good source that I have used for years. Conventional wood bodied White pencils and colored pencils are bad about being hard to keep sharpened to a fine point. I found a set of colored pencils at the dollar store for those adult coloring books. Plastic body mechanical pencils with fairly thick leads in multiple colors and a little sharpener on each top. Very low price and surprisingly good results. They even had sets of spare leads included plus more for sale separately. I use them to color knife cuts for visibility. I also use a magnifying headset like jeweler's use for accuracy with aging vision, especially late in the day.
  15. wdwerker

    Church Alter plans

    Good idea , Roam around during the sermon and keep those eyes moving & awake ! <grin>