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  1. wdwerker

    Pecan wood

    Keep an eye on tablesaw blades. As soon as you see resin building up clean the blade. The resin build up leads to higher temperatures which leads to rapid dulling.
  2. wdwerker

    Hanging Kitchen cabinet doors

    Cup hinges come 2 ways, knock in ( dowels are already mounted on the hinge) and screw in (no dowels). Hinge brand might affect the dowels. Die cast cups use a different dowel from the stamped steel cups (which have a countersink for the screw) . If you haven't discarded the old doors you can carefully cut around the dowels without hitting the plastic and pick at the MDF to free them undamaged. I think the hole is 8mm. Placement of the dowel holes in relation to the cup hole is critical. I often just use a Vix countersink bit to center a pilot hole for the screw. You can put a few drops of epoxy in the holes and after it's cured re-pilot. The epoxy soaked into the MDF will help prevent the screws from stripping out.
  3. wdwerker

    Pecan wood

    It's listed as the same hardness as common hickory. It's slightly harder than hard maple. I would take a moisture meter & check before you buy. Otherwise I see no reason not to use pecan.
  4. wdwerker

    HELP need repair ideas!

    If you do get the boards glued & clamped down you should look for some furniture touch up markers. Careful use of a marker will disguise some of the scratches and bare wood showing.
  5. wdwerker

    From firewood to spatula

    Might have to make one for the kinky girlfriend !
  6. wdwerker

    From firewood to spatula

    Spanky probably has a different use in mind !
  7. wdwerker

    Buying a router plane.

    Thanks to you both for the info ! What exactly is that blue handled thing called ? It looks vaguely familiar but I know I don't have one. I have used a very strong magnet ( 125 lb pull 1.5 dia X 1" thick ) as a handle when trying to hone awkward to hold blades. But all the ground metal sticks to the bit & requires constant cleaning. At $45 each its only practical if you already have one. I got a 2nd quality one on sale just because I like to play with magnets. If you ever need to remove a disc magnet from a steel cup when you are test fitting just use a stronger magnet and it lifts right out.
  8. wdwerker

    DW735 Stainless Bed surface plate has come undone

    Always glad to help.
  9. wdwerker

    Weathered wood finish

    It's also very difficult to get uniform results with 2 people working. One goes wetter or dryer and the results show it. On a cutting board there's no reason for 2 people but if your trying to weather a larger piece of furniture it matters a lot. Of course there will be variations from board to board because it's a chemical reaction on a natural material.
  10. wdwerker

    Repairing MDF bed side

    If all the pieces will fit back together I would back it up with a sheet of plywood and screws from the inside. You probably could get the red color matched to paint the plywood and touch up the cracks. If the thickness of the plywood has to be limited then use Baltic Birch. It is the strongest ply for its thickness. Maybe remove the cleat that the bed rests on and run the plywood all the way down then if it's unbroken reinstall or replace the cleat. I would think 3/8 Baltic should be strong enough to support a kid or 2 if you keep the adults out.
  11. wdwerker

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    Have you considered thicker slats and sliding dovetails ?
  12. Everyone seems to be ignoring the suggestion to tape the offcut back in place. Perhaps even adding a 1/8" shim to allow for the lost kerf. Spin the blank end for end and rip again. Depending on the power of the saw and the hardness/density of the wood several passes wtih a successively higher blade might be nessacary.
  13. Looking at the slight ripple highlighted in the glare on the table photo I would bet the tabletop is veneered. A close examination of the inside edges of the top at a joint might show the veneer line clearly. If it's as old as I think it is the core could be crossbanded solid wood.
  14. wdwerker

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Holly is supposed to be a little tricky to cut & dry . I think it needs to cut cut down in a certain season and protected from touching the ground. If it's done wrong the nice white color turns bluish grey. I tried cutting up the trunk of a huge Holly bush that I cut down . By the time it was dry it had turned colors and twisted too.
  15. wdwerker

    Pair Of Bookshelves

    I think the "B" example looks best. I also like the slats being in 3 sections appearance too.