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  1. wdwerker

    So this happened today... New SawStop.

    So if a SawStop has seen too many hotdogs is it a higher risk for viruses ..... ?
  2. wdwerker

    Making a corner desk - first major project.

    Also store bought 4x4 construction lumber isn't square sometimes. Plus it might be wet in the center too.
  3. wdwerker

    (Sigh)....Roubo time

    Only left handed people are in their right minds .... woodworker OCD should be mixed 50/50 with " close enough for government work " to retain sanity.
  4. wdwerker

    Some File Questions

    Nicholson is ok. I use "Plasticut " files for laminate work. Just spin the file end for end,voila Japanese pull cut ! The angle you hold the file at, the speed of your stroke and the amount of pressure you apply greatly affect the quality of the cut. Cheap files aren't worth the effort. Acid to sharpen works but not well. I tried it 20+ years ago and it wasn't worth the cost, time and effort. I use Bostick " Bladecote" teflon type spray on my laminate files to reduce loading of the contact cement & dust in the teeth. The spray cans aren't cheap but when you file about 1/2 mile of edges inside a 2 week period every little bit helps.
  5. wdwerker

    Now what - what to get after Lathe?

    (D) = all of the above !
  6. wdwerker

    Securing a giant mirror

    If it’s sitting on the floor then all you need is to add a couple brackets/ties/whatever attached the top outermost studs and a couple spacers w ties/ screws /etc to the baseboard on each side . Adding cushions/bumpers/rubber feet is only needed if it’s a smooth floor.
  7. wdwerker

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Yea but it kinda is isn't it ?
  8. wdwerker

    screwdrivers for Chinese philips style screws

    If you see little lines coming from the inside corners of the " X " it is a Posidrive type screw head.
  9. wdwerker

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    One of those benches might come in handy in San Francisco or LA one of these days.....
  10. wdwerker

    good miter gauges that aren't Incra?

    I can't remember if I bought a second flip stop for my Osborne EB3 or if it came with it but it's been very useful.
  11. If a small trim router is big enough for your needs the Dewalt that comes with a fixed and plunge base is a powerful and sturdy tool. I've got 2 of them and they are under fairly constant use in my cabinet shop.
  12. wdwerker

    good miter gauges that aren't Incra?

    I've been real happy with my Osborne EB3 triangle braced miter gauge.
  13. wdwerker

    My crappy little shop

    Sounds like you just got an engineered solution !
  14. wdwerker

    Coffee table for my nephew

    Great seeing so much hand tool work combined with some very nice power tools !
  15. wdwerker

    Coffee table design

    Wrap it in a packing blanket held in place with some stretch wrap or packing tape then use a small hand truck to wheel it in. Saves your back, prevents scratches and increases curiosity if anyone catches you making the delivery. I've got one of those collapsible hand trucks that would work well for that job, they aren't expensive and fit in the trunk until needed.