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  1. It is very handy! Plus it has digital readout of rpm.
  2. I use the jessem router designed for the jessem lift. Works flawlessly.
  3. Our province is starting to go backwards. We recently entered "phase 1" of reopening, but some people just don't comply with the rules. Our cases have spiked last week, after weeks of steady decline. There is discussion of "re- closing" things that have been permitted to open (with strict rules).
  4. I have tried countless finishes over the years, and I have weened it t down to my "go to" finishes that yield the results I want (HVLP High performance Poly for water based and hand applied Wipe-on poly for oil based). I always wax my projects as well, with a beeswax blend I quite like. I would like to add two new finishes to round out my projects. I am going to try spraying "Kem Aqua" from Sherwin Williams for the painted look I am starting to use more often, and the OSMO for quick and easy small projects. I shall see if either of them make it into my normal repertoire.
  5. I would say the right time is whenever you can afford it. I bought one a few years back, and the cost was quite high. Now, after owning it for a few years, the cost doesn't matter so much. I received the "free accessory" offer and went with the "standard" mobile base. It works just fine, but is not nearly as nice as the ICS base. For the one time I move it per year, the standard base is just fine.
  6. After mentioning the high cost of a particular router bit during one of my first woodworking classes, the instructor told me "If you are in this craft to save money, I think you are in the wrong hobby"
  7. This is kinda cool.
  8. Ok, that's good information. Thanks. To apply, do you use the "white Scotch brite pad" method?
  9. I have been itching to try Osmo, but they have a very large product line, and I don't really know where to start. It's pretty expensive if you buy the wrong product. Is 3043 suitable for furniture?
  10. I have this jointer (54HH). I have never rabbeted on it. I can take some photos of different parts of it for you, if that is helpful.
  11. I have all besseys now. I've had my share of cheaper clamps. Buy the best you can, even if it's only a few. Good clamps will last a lifetime, and are great asset to the shop.
  12. I've had the ridgid and sold it to upgrade to the 735. It's always been highly reviewed, and I think it's by far the best planer in the 13" class. The only gripe I have is the placement of the dust collection port.
  13. Here is the thread/journal for the "x-table" build. I still have the scale model if you would like photos.
  14. Masks are becoming the norm here in Ontario, and we have been told that we should not go out without one now. Everything is still closed, except for essential services. Even that list has shrunk significantly since this began. I can't get any dates for pick up of groceries, and it has been recommended that people who are healthy should leave those spots for others. I shop once per week to get essentials, but otherwise I'm not going anywhere. I have been working from home for two weeks now.