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  1. rodger.

    Food safe finish

    Almost all wood finishes are food safe when they are fully cured. That being said, my favorite finish for food items is a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. Leaves a fantastic feel, and smells like beeswax! I often use it as a regular wax now over other finishes.
  2. I went to he grocer the other day, and I wore my 3M P100 respirator. Why take a chance when the PPE is right there?
  3. Agreed. I take very lights cuts for performance and reduced (or no) tear out. I have been using the same planer for about 2 years. Are you using a 20 amp dedicated circuit?
  4. We are getting stricter here are well. My lumberyard is now closed to the public, and is only servicing tradespeople with current accounts.
  5. riving knife in use. piece was too narrow for the pawls, so the feather board was in place.
  6. I'm on day 7 of a 14 day self isolation period. I have not gone farther than the end of my driveway in 7 days. At first I was really restless, but now I'm more accustomed. Not a tonne to do, and since I can't get supplies, I am working on some scrap wood projects in my spare time. I have been working from home for a while since this started, and also doing some "home schooling" with my daughter as the schools here are closed until at least Easter. Friends have been dropping off food supplies to us, and we are in a "conservation" mindset to reduce our consumption. There have been a few "silver linings" I've notice in this disaster: 1) People don't actually need that much to get by. Sometimes "less is more" 2) Lots of quality family time, with evenings full of cards and board games 3) Massive reduction of pollution for many areas of the world 4) Being reminded not to take things for granted.
  7. Yes, was certainly using a push stick, and a sacrificial one at that. This saw is a 3HP sawstop, and is tuned immaculately. I occasionally re-saw smaller pieces on the table saw by cutting about half way through, flipping, cutting about another half way through, and then finish with a hand saw to release the off cut. A bit of hand plane work and the piece is ready to go. This is a piece of molding, so I wanted a finer cut that I could have received at the band saw (plus I don't currently have a band saw). Due to the profile, flipping it over was not really an option. The piece was perfectly square, so this should have been an easy and safe operation. Some type of stress in the wood must have been released and cause it to pinch. It happened, of course, in a flash, so the lifting of the work piece could have been due to contact with the feather board while it was kicking back. But, of course, knowing the dangers of the tool is part of what experience provides. Knowing this operation could be more risky than others, I used a trusted feather-board and was aware of the potential for kickback. There is no 100% safe operation, so being prepared is our best defense.
  8. Feather-board saved me from a pretty nasty kickback tonight. Was re-sawing a freshly jointed piece of ash, and "wham", the work piece tried to raise up and fly back at me. Luckily, I was using a feather-board (and standing off to the left). No damage done. USE YOUR FEATHER-BOARDS! .
  9. This is the perfect application for domino or dowel. A dowel jig can easily be shop made from scrap in 5 mins. Just do a quick google search for it. If the underside is not visible, you could also add a gusset pretty easily.
  10. welcome! Nice bench!
  11. I was travelling internationally when all this started to go down. We were in Antigua, on holiday, and the day after we arrived in the Caribbean Canada banned all international travel. We looked at coming home early, but there were no flights to get. We stayed our full vacation, and returned to Canada a few days ago. The resort and agent we used were excellent, and we extracted some fun and sun from our holiday. The regularly scheduled plane that arrived came down empty and shuttled us back to Canada. The people who "self booked" had a very hard time getting any information or support from their providers. Currently my family is under 14 day self isolation due to international travel (even though the country we came from had zero cases). Our friends have been shopping for us, and we are starting to school our daughter as our public schools are closed. We are working from home for 2 weeks, and we have to wait and see what happens after that. I only allow myself to watch the news once per day, to keep up on the situation, and listen to the daily update from our Prime Minister (who is doing an excellent job). I am avoiding all social media, as the negativity and misinformation is astounding. All non-essential services are closed, and social distancing is in effect. We are close to declaring a national state of emergency, which is "the war time act" with a different name. Stay strong, stay positive, and take care of your neighbors. That is what will get us through this.
  12. General finishes High Performance Poly. I've been using it for years - wonderful product and is "water white". Lee Valley is typically where I buy it (in person), but Canada has strict rules on who can sell finishes and whether or not they can be delivered.
  13. boo - that would definitely be a problem.
  14. I'm also a person who has built a zillion custom frames over the years. I typically use a dedicated sled, which is fantastic. It saves a tonne of time and is easy to build. I almost always finish my frames with two coats of genera finishes HP poly in satin (via HVLP). It's my "go-to" finish for a lot of stuff, and it works great in this application. Nice looking work!
  15. My sprayer came with a viscosity cup, but I don't know if it's "standard" or not. Was it not performing well at regular strength?