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  1. This is a good point (pardon the pun). When reloading photos, I often just pull the points out and then reshoot new ones. To be honest, though, I don't see this happening too often for the average person. When its custom art work, i have never removed/replaced the originally framed art. Some custom framers go one step farther and use gum backed paper to keep out dust and insects.
  2. I used to do a lot of picture and custom art frames. I use one of these - work great!
  3. No plans, just a youtube video i watched a while back from Marius Hornberger on YouTube. If you look at the description, he may give more information. You could also send him a message, but if i recall, the build is pretty well covered in the video itself.
  4. Clubs within clubs withing a sub forum - Sounds like the movie inception!
  5. Well, i can help. I belong to no clubs, so make a test post in one of them (called ATTN rodger. or something similar) and I'll let you know if I can see it by clicking the "new content" button.
  6. Not sure how the "clubs" section works. If I am not a member of a particular club, will the posts not be available to me in the general viewing area? So, in other words, is the content of the clubs exclusive to the club?
  7. How about a section just for @gee-dub tips? He seems to have a lot of great ideas in his TIPS posts!
  8. They look they would be good for clamping things down to a work surface. I would still reply on parallel jaws clamps for glue-ups.
  9. Can one of the admin make a folder/forum for the "random tips"? Would be great to have them all in one place!
  10. I bought it at my local lumberyard/hardwood dealer. Its normally sold in 4x8 sheets, but they had a 1/4 sheet off cut that I bought for like 4 bucks CDN (insert USD vs CDND joke here).
  11. rodger.

    HVLP Finishes

    I shoot General Finishes High Performance Poly though an Earlex HVLP. Works great with no dilution. The mini mite should handle that with no problem.
  12. I've never seen these before - very cool. Maybe a silly question, but if you are using them for alignment, will the "football" shaped biscuits not be suitable (maybe they are too long)?
  13. Beautiful craftsmanship.