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  1. rodger.

    Sick kapex :(

    Just realized I never updated this! My Kapex came back a week after I had sent it. Festool called me to ask a few questions, to ensure they did all of the repairs/alignments necessary. They adjusted my miter scale and lasers. the saw is cutting "bang on" again. There were some small issues I had, and I may be being overly picky here. First, the sticker was peeled back to align the lasers. They didn't replace it, but just tried to "stick it" back on. Its loose now, and one of the corners won't adhere to the saw. The bevel scale was marred during the repair. A small piece of metal was bent, so I needed to file it away. This was not the case when I sent the saw. The fence has a small chip that wasn't there previously. Other than that, everything was great!
  2. rodger.

    Veritas medium shoulder plane - sales?

    This is a good point - never thought of this.
  3. rodger.

    New hose for festool vac .. options?

    If it's Festool they may replace it free of charge. Give em a call - worth a shot.
  4. rodger.

    Veritas medium shoulder plane - sales?

    It's Lee Valley, and they don't have sales on hand planes. Your best bet is to wait for their annual "factory seconds" sale, and wait with one hand on the mouse, and the other on your cc when it goes up.
  5. rodger.

    Pricing Advice.

    I just stopped making stuff for commission. I want to make stuff I want to make - I will scream if I need to make one more cutting board.
  6. rodger.

    Gluing a broken piece back together

    I would use regular Pva glue and give the repair a go.
  7. rodger.

    Quality Brand Big Power Tools and recommendations

    I've got a powermatic jointer - love it. I have a rigid table saw - love it. Each brand has their own winners and lemons.
  8. rodger.

    Fine woodworking Live 2018

    I would love to go- I'll check into the schedule. Did you fly or drive last year?
  9. rodger.

    Blue Bird Nesting Houses - great resource for building nest boxes for bluebirds, as well as other important info!
  10. rodger.

    Blue Bird Nesting Houses

    I've made many blue bird houses, and we have had fledgling Bluebirds many times. Enjoy! Check on the boxes regularly, and report your babies to the Bluebird conservation in your area. They appreciate the count.
  11. rodger.

    New saw, bad arbor...ugh

    That's not great customer service. It's not like you are shipping a book or sweater, this is a ridiculous item to have to move. Grizzly should be tripping over themselves to make this right. Give them the gears - call and complain loudly and to everyone in the chain of command.
  12. rodger.

    How to safely hold stock for routing

    Me too - if the router table is a viable option I always choose the router table over hand routing.
  13. rodger.

    Random Tip #8 - Cheap Edge Trim Clamps

    We have a ridiculous amount of gift cards at our place. Each one of them has like 60 cents to $1.00 on it. The companies must love gift cards; I wonder how much all of those unclaimed bits add up to for them - free money.
  14. You've got a long wait to use that material, I'm afraid. Can you get a kiln dried slab, or is this a friend clearing trees, and you have the opportunity to get one?
  15. rodger.

    Looking for curtain spray booth ideas

    i use one of these: