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  1. I went to he grocer the other day, and I wore my 3M P100 respirator. Why take a chance when the PPE is right there?
  2. Agreed. I take very lights cuts for performance and reduced (or no) tear out. I have been using the same planer for about 2 years. Are you using a 20 amp dedicated circuit?
  3. We are getting stricter here are well. My lumberyard is now closed to the public, and is only servicing tradespeople with current accounts.
  4. riving knife in use. piece was too narrow for the pawls, so the feather board was in place.
  5. I'm on day 7 of a 14 day self isolation period. I have not gone farther than the end of my driveway in 7 days. At first I was really restless, but now I'm more accustomed. Not a tonne to do, and since I can't get supplies, I am working on some scrap wood projects in my spare time. I have been working from home for a while since this started, and also doing some "home schooling" with my daughter as the schools here are closed until at least Easter. Friends have been dropping off food supplies to us, and we are in a "conservation" mindset to reduce our consumption. There have been a f
  6. Yes, was certainly using a push stick, and a sacrificial one at that. This saw is a 3HP sawstop, and is tuned immaculately. I occasionally re-saw smaller pieces on the table saw by cutting about half way through, flipping, cutting about another half way through, and then finish with a hand saw to release the off cut. A bit of hand plane work and the piece is ready to go. This is a piece of molding, so I wanted a finer cut that I could have received at the band saw (plus I don't currently have a band saw). Due to the profile, flipping it over was not really an option. The piece was p
  7. Feather-board saved me from a pretty nasty kickback tonight. Was re-sawing a freshly jointed piece of ash, and "wham", the work piece tried to raise up and fly back at me. Luckily, I was using a feather-board (and standing off to the left). No damage done. USE YOUR FEATHER-BOARDS! .
  8. This is the perfect application for domino or dowel. A dowel jig can easily be shop made from scrap in 5 mins. Just do a quick google search for it. If the underside is not visible, you could also add a gusset pretty easily.
  9. I was travelling internationally when all this started to go down. We were in Antigua, on holiday, and the day after we arrived in the Caribbean Canada banned all international travel. We looked at coming home early, but there were no flights to get. We stayed our full vacation, and returned to Canada a few days ago. The resort and agent we used were excellent, and we extracted some fun and sun from our holiday. The regularly scheduled plane that arrived came down empty and shuttled us back to Canada. The people who "self booked" had a very hard time getting any information or support fro
  10. General finishes High Performance Poly. I've been using it for years - wonderful product and is "water white". Lee Valley is typically where I buy it (in person), but Canada has strict rules on who can sell finishes and whether or not they can be delivered.
  11. boo - that would definitely be a problem.
  12. I'm also a person who has built a zillion custom frames over the years. I typically use a dedicated sled, which is fantastic. It saves a tonne of time and is easy to build. I almost always finish my frames with two coats of genera finishes HP poly in satin (via HVLP). It's my "go-to" finish for a lot of stuff, and it works great in this application. Nice looking work!
  13. My sprayer came with a viscosity cup, but I don't know if it's "standard" or not. Was it not performing well at regular strength?
  14. Getting into the world of HVLP lacquers (water based) as I need some "painted" pieces. I am an experienced HVLP sprayer, mostly using high performance poly by General Finishes (through the Earlex 5500 spray station). I have done quite a bit of reading, and have a copy of the technical data sheet. It does not specify the tip size for HVLP sprayers. I have a 1.5mm and a 2.0mm tip, and there is a 1.0mm tip available. Any advice for sprayer water bourne pigmented lacquer?
  15. This is a good point (pardon the pun). When reloading photos, I often just pull the points out and then reshoot new ones. To be honest, though, I don't see this happening too often for the average person. When its custom art work, i have never removed/replaced the originally framed art. Some custom framers go one step farther and use gum backed paper to keep out dust and insects.
  16. I used to do a lot of picture and custom art frames. I use one of these - work great!
  17. No plans, just a youtube video i watched a while back from Marius Hornberger on YouTube. If you look at the description, he may give more information. You could also send him a message, but if i recall, the build is pretty well covered in the video itself.
  18. Clubs within clubs withing a sub forum - Sounds like the movie inception!
  19. Well, i can help. I belong to no clubs, so make a test post in one of them (called ATTN rodger. or something similar) and I'll let you know if I can see it by clicking the "new content" button.
  20. Not sure how the "clubs" section works. If I am not a member of a particular club, will the posts not be available to me in the general viewing area? So, in other words, is the content of the clubs exclusive to the club?
  21. How about a section just for @gee-dub tips? He seems to have a lot of great ideas in his TIPS posts!
  22. They look they would be good for clamping things down to a work surface. I would still reply on parallel jaws clamps for glue-ups.