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  1. Can one of the admin make a folder/forum for the "random tips"? Would be great to have them all in one place!
  2. I bought it at my local lumberyard/hardwood dealer. Its normally sold in 4x8 sheets, but they had a 1/4 sheet off cut that I bought for like 4 bucks CDN (insert USD vs CDND joke here).
  3. I shoot General Finishes High Performance Poly though an Earlex HVLP. Works great with no dilution. The mini mite should handle that with no problem.
  4. I've never seen these before - very cool. Maybe a silly question, but if you are using them for alignment, will the "football" shaped biscuits not be suitable (maybe they are too long)?
  5. Beautiful craftsmanship.
  6. I run two different collectors for my sawstop. Then 4" cabinet port goes to my main DC, and the blade guard port goes to my Festool cleantex (I have the Bluetooth remote).
  7. Thanks for all the advice. I went with a razor knife and it cut well, with no dust.
  8. Thanks for the advice, but this won't be a speaker enclosure. It's for a light fixture. If you built dodecahedron speakers boxes, I would love to see them!
  9. I am making a bulletin board, and bought a piece of 1/2" homosote to place in a mitered frame. Has anyone ever cut this stuff with the table saw? Or should I stick with a razor knife?
  10. Wow - what a beautiful project. Great job, especially with those knife hinges!
  11. Long story short, I assembled two Sawstop cabinet saws by the time I was done. It was very straightforward and I also loved the colour coded blister packs. I did the exact same thing with the Manual - I thought they omitted mine, but I found in short order! And its a great manual too!
  12. I'm going to pick up a tube of this stuff and see how it works. Thanks. This is it, correct?
  13. I've got a No 5 and a No 7 that are both bevel up from Veritas. They are incredible planes. Would not hesitate to buy another one.
  14. Okay, I watched this again and it does look like a simpler way then the way I have been planning. The issue is that I don't have a good way to join the ends. The author uses hot glue, but I will need something much stronger that than that. Do you think epoxy would work well here? Maybe a reinforcement on the inside where the joints meet.
  15. Thanks, I'll look into the glue. I was thinking about maybe standard wood glue and some 23 gauge pin nails.
  16. I reverted to chrome and looked at your illustrations - how in the world did you model it so fast? It took me hours to get about half as far as you did!
  17. I meant no offense; I just don't understand the use of the question mark in your response - it makes your response unclear (I also cannot see any of your photos - they come up broken links - I may need to revert to chrome).
  18. Are you asking a question, or making a suggestion?
  19. Thanks for the link, but I'm good with the cutting and joinery - as long as I know the angle to cut!
  20. I watched this a while back, but I should probably re-watch it to see if it holds any information I missed.
  21. haha! I'm impressed that you remembered that build! I did enjoy the challenge of it, so I'm looking forward to this one too. Besides the angle madness, the glue up will be a challenge too.
  22. I looked through that earlier, but didn't find it overly helpful. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  23. This sound reasonable. However, the blade sits at 90 degrees, so would that affect my blade settings?