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  1. This was the fix. Firefox works just fine with blocking notifications!
  2. Notifications are blocked on my Chrome settings for Woodtalkonline, but I keep getting prompted.
  3. I'm Google Chrome with latest update.
  4. Ever time I refresh/load a page, I get this awful box that opens up. I want to block, which I select each time, but there is no "don't ask me again" option. I went to settings, but I cant find how to permanently set it. It's driving me insane.
  5. rodger.

    Guitar repair

    I agree with the "leave it be" approach. My favorite guitar is now 25 years old or so, and its got a lot of dings and dangs from late night jambs, a few performances, and lots of campfire howling. The guitar wears it use as a badge of honour!
  6. So I need to build a dodecahedron light fixture (12 pentagons joined together). I am still working through how to cut all these angles. I decided to make a prototype of a pentagon, and that went well. Each cut was 36 degrees on the miter saw. I will need 12 of these in total for the completed fixture. The problem I am having is the "dihedral" angle. Mathematically, it should be 116.57 degrees. So if I want to rip each edge on the table saw, is that 116.57 - 90 = 26.57 degrees? Or, is it (116.57 - 90)/2 = 13.285 degrees? Or, should i set my wixey on the blade, let it regis
  7. Okay, so i made a choice. I bought the Mast-R-Lift 2 and the Jessem PowerTek 3.25 HP router. Its a great set up! I'll take some photos and post some pics shortly. I just finished installing all the parts, and then reinstalling them (the instructions kinda suck).
  8. I looked at this solution as well, but went with with the tried and true "butt the workbench up against the table saw" approach.
  9. I assembled my Sawstop myself, but it was placed onto my shop floor via the shipping company in three boxes. That being said, I injured my back while trying to lift a planer a few months back. It put me out for a few days, and I could hardly walk for the first day. I have never had a back issue before, and consider myself decently strong. So THINK carefully before doing any heavy lifting - It's just not worth the risk. The box is not telling lies when it says "team lift".
  10. As the posters above have mentioned, fully cured finishes are safe. I wouldn't want to be chowing down on plastic, but it won't poison anyone.
  11. In Canada, we don't worry about the cost as much, as it's part of our national medical plan. However, we pay in the end (through our ridiculous taxes).
  12. Well, I'll be the guinea pig. I'll get a can over the holidays and then try it out. I'll post a review for spraying and brushing.
  13. I hone them a few times as well. Here is a jig I made a while back:
  14. I use General finishes HP Poly a lot - its one of my "go-to" finishes for both HVLP and brush. I saw this in the LV catalog the other day and it looks enticing. Anyone have experience with it?,190,42942
  15. Thanks for the reply - this is all good info. I am trying to avoid having to lock the router from underneath the table as well. Ideally, I would like full control from above the table for height adjustment, locking, and bit changes. I was curious if the triton router had to be locked when using the "table" mode.
  16. this is an interesting solution. I am not confident it will allow me to change the bit above the table however, as my router (Freud 2200VCE) has an arbor lock "push" button instead of two wrenches.
  17. I just built a new bench this summer. The base of mine is hard maple, but I did a 3 layer MDF top (edged in 2. 1/4 " wide Maple). Its super flat, very heavy, and very durable. I think it's a perfect compromise of "new" and "old" school. I installed a Veritas Twin screw vise on the end, and its very versatile!
  18. I've been on the band saw merry-go-round for a long time. I've made my decision, after much thought and research. I am going with the Laguna 14BX 220V version. I only want t buy a band saw once, and this one should suit my work perfectly.
  19. Looks great. If I had enough space to the right of my saw, I would get one for sure. For now, the right side of my saw is against a wall.
  20. As I get older, I grow weary of "praying to the router gods" every time I need to change the cutter in my router table. I really would like to have the ability to change the bit from above the table. I eyed this lift a few days back, and it looks great. Problem is that it wont fit my router (big plunger), so also would require a new router. In the end, it would be quite expensive to buy a new 3.5 HP router and the lift. The other option would be to swap out my current router with the big Triton router (001). Does anyone have any experience with either the Jessem or the Triton (table
  21. Sorry I am late with my condolences. Thank you for sharing your story. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  22. It has been one year to the day since I last was on this forum. I am sure there have been a lot of new members and things happen since then. I just thought I would put up a post to let everyone know where I've been and why I was absent for so long. Hopefully all the members I have known in the past are still here! One year ago today, I had an injury in the shop. I will spare you the details for now, but it ended up with me in the emergency room. I cut open my left thumb on the table saw, and required 12 stitches (6 inside and 6 outside). It scared the living hell out of me. The cut was in