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  1. I was looking at this today online. It's now off off my list too. Eric probably could have made an awesome ts sled in the time it took to noodle around with the incra 300 dollar unit.
  2. I recently bought a glue bot - fantastic shop aid for 10 bucks.
  3. I have the general unit, and it runs 800 CFM. It's string enough to create breeze in the shop. The issue is decent filters. See if you can get HEPA bag filters - they are a big improvement over the 1 micron filters.
  4. If you cut a lot of onions or garlic, the board can pick up odours. Some baking soda and warm water can neutralize the odour. For regular cleaning, just hot soapy water and let air dry.
  5. I made my own, and posted my experience here:
  6. I've been using Rubin 2 for a long time, and it gives excellent results. Is there an appreciable difference in performance?
  7. My first real experience with Festool customer service. My kapex was cutting pretty far out of square, so I called them for advice. The Festool guy said not to attempt to calibrate it. He suggested I send it in for them to do, so they could replace any parts if needed. He also told me it's challenging to calibrate both the 90 and 45 indents in a timely manner if you haven't done it before. My kapex is 2.5 years old. I had the choice of boxing it myself, or he told me my nearest Lee Valley would do it for me if I wanted, and they would provide all the packing materials, do the paperw
  9. Happy turkey day to all the Canadians on the board!
  10. I'm having an issue with my Kapex right now - it's simply not cutting square. I called Festool, and they are happy to take it back for a tune up and replace any needed parts. Sucks to have to send a 2.5 year old saw (@$2000 CDN price tag) for issues so soon. It's not like it's rolling around in the cab of a truck - it's bolted to a stand and does't move.
  11. rodger.

    RIP Tom Petty

    A legend lost - I learned to play guitar to many of his songs as a kid. Rest peacefully Tom Petty.
  12. Wow - what a beauty! I love the doors - looks like ripples in a pond.
  13. Thanks for the idea - I wonder if others have tried this technique.
  14. This joint is easy, as the dominoes are aligned using stock of the same thickness. Fence setting stays the same.
  15. I need to ensure that the space between the 2 rows mortises in the leg and apron are a perfect match. Maybe I'm missing something, but how would the spacer ensure the correct spacing between the tenons? Can you elaborate a bit?
  16. As my workbench plans progress, I am beginning to look a joinery options. Mortise and tenon are pretty common here, but I thought i could quadruple domino it for a super strong joint. Anyways, I usually rely on center lines for dominoes. I set the domino to cut a mortise in the center of the stretcher/apron, and cut. Then I reset the fence to cut the center of the leg (always different thickness that the apron). If I need two dominoes, no problem. They are in the same center line. If I want to use 4 tenons (two rows of two), my center line approach will be far more complicated, as I
  17. How about packing tape over plywood? I've had success with that approach before. My cauls are ash with vapour barrier tape over them - works perfect!
  18. I just did my basement stairs (SPF). I painted them white with Benjamin Moore porch and floor paint. Staining SPF is very difficult.
  19. Thanks for the advice guys. This will be my 4th bench, and hopefully last. I use dogs a lot, and need some way to pinch the work flat on the table. Currently I use a face vise in the end position, and have a hole drilled out to accept a wooden dog. I would like to have the moving dog closer to the front edge of the bench to allow access to a boards edge for planing, routing, etc. I'll check out the shaker style benches as well. It would be pretty hard for me to fit a bench longer than 78" in. Most of my work is mid size, and I typically work on pieces shorter than 6 feet.
  20. Been contemplating a new bench build for a while, but don't have space for a full size "Wood Whisperer Roubo" (I think about 6 and half feet long is my max). I am currently looking at vises, and pouring over schwarz's book on workbenches. I am thinking the Veritas Quick Release Tail Vise for the end, and a Veritas twin screw vise for the face. I am also looking at the bench crafted "chop" style hardware (with the X), as well as a quick release front vise from Veritas. Any opinions? Tail Vise,41637,41659 Twin Screw Vise
  21. I put a planer blade in backwards once (upside down actually). That was bad.