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  1. This is more of an introduction than anything. I dove into woodworking about 3 years ago. I t has since eaten nearly all of my disposable income, of which there is usually very little. My main passion is building guitars. To this point, I've only done electrics. I hope to try out an acoustic this year. The only thing really holding me back with that is getting arounf to building the side bender. This is a floating top table I finished up last fall. The pattern was from WOOD magazine. The top is makore, the legs & apron are white limba.
  2. A few months ago I bought a small block of holly for use in inlays. A few days ago I ran the sides through the jointer to flatten them out. Almost the whole thing turned a powdery blue. I sanded a spot with no difference. It's sat for a few days, hoping it would oxidize white, but nothing. 1) Any ideas why this happened? 2) What can I do about it?