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    I have been playing with wood since High School wood shop and never looked back. I am always eager to learn from others skills and mistakes. Currently a member of a woodworking club here in AZ.

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  1. Thanks Paul for posting that...that is exactly what I was hoping all just seemed to fall together on that one.
  2. That was a great vid tour of the bench. I would love to make one myself some day. BTW I am sure my shop teacher once told me "No flip flops in the wood shop" lol
  3. Marc, I know your a busy guy but have you ever considered going back into teaching classes to help out us fellow Desert Woodworkers. I read somewhere that you once gave classes near litchfield Park area but you are no longer doing this. Is that because you got to busy with the site. I am looking for a great Apprentice type program in the area if you have any suggestions. i am currently in the Surprise area but willing to travel a bit for the experience. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. I have been searching for many months on classes here in Phx with absolutely no luck. I know Woodcraft and Rockler offer classes at most of their locations and those are really a great option but they are very specific to certain areas of woodworking (ie pen turning, carving, box making). While those make great gifts during Christmas time and I should probably stock up since it will be just around the corner, I was hoping to find a classroom setting where I can get a more broad scope of instruction on different tools, useful tips on typical problem areas, and hands on guidance through a project. If anyone can help in my journey, please reply and my thanks in advance.