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    just starting in woodworking.I want to build my own cabinets
  1. Hey Pat ! Just wanted to let you know I have the Jet dc-1100vx with vortex cone. I have to tell ya its a good dc, I move mine around the shop from tool to tool. Iam kinda in your shoes too I would like to someday have everything set and have Norfab run to everything. I have also talked to Oneida,might be worth a phone call just to talk to them,but its not cheap. My whole thing is I think you get what you pay for and I just want to do that once!! Hope this helps a little, but bottom line Jet makes a good dc
  2. Ok thanks for some good feedback, I appreciate it everyone!!!
  3. I know what your saying its as much as planer is. I have used planer with straight knifes and like quality of cut but with byrd head its the small ridges everyone is talking about that scares me. I thing for almost $500 it should be smooth when finished!!!
  4. Its like I tell my kids, you can do anything you put your mind to!! Looks good keep up good work!!
  5. I have read up on reviews and a lot of people have made comments on it leaving lines!! Butt some times those reviews can drive you nuts!! Thought I would ask some people who I can trust thanks for feed back John. Janello I will be waiting to hear from you thanks!
  6. Hey guys whats up!! Question for anyone with a DeWalt 735 planer. I am thinking of upgrading my planer with the Byrd helical cutterhead anyone done this and if so how do you like it?? Thanks for help
  7. Just wanted to ask woodbutcher what kind of problems he has had with centerline?
  8. Hey if this helps I have had good luck with centerline 100lbs full ext. slides. Rockler carries them, Iam using them for my shop cabinets!!
  9. that's what I had in mind but was not sure how to check it for being square!!
  10. WHAT IS THE COMBO KIT? I don't have any woodpecker tools but researching them are they worth money??
  11. Want to ask a simple question!! I'am building fence for miter saw and I need help with what is best way to keep fence straight and in line with saw fence?? THANKS!
  12. I thought about making trip to springfield, mo. to get good machine right off the bat !!! Were you able to open up box to check out beds for flatness?
  13. What is all the advantages of a parallelogram bed vs dovetailed ways? Customer service rep from grizzly had no clue she told me to call back and talk to tech support. Iam no expert on this but the way I understand it you can make better adjustment for flatness than with dovetail ways.
  14. Hey thanks Freddie for input !! Gotta ask did you have any problems with shipping from Grizzley and how was customer service?