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  1. Im wanting to build a battery box for my small boat, it will hold the marine battery, bilge pump and a few switches. It will have a hole in the bottom and handles on the side. Size will roughly be 18w x 8d x 12h. It needs to be sturdy enough to hold about 80# and be able to handle much water, sometimes completely submerged. Im thinking 3/4 Maple with domino joinery reinforced with a few screws. Threw handles on the side with a strap bolted to the sides to act as a handle as well to cinch the detached lid with once on the boat. Tite bode 3 glue, Rabbited sides for more surface to glue.
  2. Ordered the festool ct 36 threw the amazon link today. 1 hope it helps. 2. Can't wait to get it in
  3. Amen! Sick of checking my email to see people bicker. I just was curious if I could spray a certain product. Thanks for keeping it clean.
  4. I ended up buffing it with a little minwax finishing wax to help with glue drops, did a berry light coat. Seems to of worked out well. It's not slippery and released glue drops nice
  5. What's a good finish for a bench top made from beech wood?
  6. that's kinda what i was thinking, just wanted to make sure before i built one. thanks for the feedback!
  7. i want to make a shooting but i seem to get a little confused when looking at plans. It seems pretty straight foward and simple but the part tha confuses me is from what i gather the blade will be riding aganst the the wood that should be keeping the plane at 90 degrees. It also seems like it would ride aganst the stop that is holding the piece you are planing. By doing this wouldnt the plane cut into both pieces of the jig? Might be a dumb question but its my question! Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks, That Clarifies things much better, ill try it tonight. Some 14 g wire ok, its what i know i have
  9. I am using the rockler hose and ring. I have no ground wire to my dc other than how it cam in the box. let tme see if i get what you are saying. Open up the motor housing, find the ground wire and solder a wire from the gound inside the motor to the clamp on the hose?
  10. Just an update. For one the LA rabbit block plane from LN is amazing, really nice having a block plane that the blade runs from one end to the next. To the LA LN Jack Plane, this thing is a work of art, truly well made and simply Beautifull. I went to lap the sole and it was dead on, i touched up the the blade a little before i even used and on my first board it was cutting transparent ribbons. Overall it is a work of art, and not to mention the excitment of opening the box alone is great. Not to mention very welkl packaged for shipping. The 4 1/5 Smoother is on its way now, im addic
  11. I was going to start a new topic but this one is right in line with my issue. I have a 1 1/2 hp dest dc and last night i working in the shop and every time i touched the metal on my planer or the ring clamp on my hose i got a little shock. Im assuming i need to ground it but whats the best way. All my larg tools are mobile so i only use a 20' flex hose with dust ports on each tool, one hose one tool at a time. Any sugestions?
  12. i do have one but the thought of putting a 200+# 8' long slab on it does not sound like a good time. !
  13. Im getting ready to build a new work bench and i am stumped on the best way to make the dog holes. Wanting to do standard 3/4" round dog holes and im just not feeling the best way to make them. I was thinking my router and guid rail and going about 3/4" don the switchng to my drill and a bit. the top is going to be about 2" where the dog holes are going to go. Thanks in advance!
  14. I always rinse my gun before I fill it with finish and I always use water born finish so I'm rinsing with water. While I'm blowing the water out I wet the entire area and floor of the spray area and I never have a issue with dust blowing around. As far as the tip I use the 1.5mm needle and it works great.