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  1. So I've just spotted an HV3500 on Kijiji for $75 CAD. The seller claims it's been used once. Has anyone any experience with these units? Are they any good?
  2. Mine's a very cheap collector, so they didn't run to hooks for the bag. I started off using duct tape, but the sticky wears off so quickly with all the fine dust around it.
  3. This is a good reason to keep a guard around the blade if you can, and never stand directly behind the blade if you can possibly help it. Respect and a little bit of fear of your power tools is a good thing. When you don't, that's when you'll get hurt. They are designed to cut stuff, and unless you have a SawStop, it can't tell the difference between flesh and wood.
  4. So I got my dust collector about 6 months ago, but I've always had an issue with getting the plastic bag on the bottom to stay still whilst I put the clamp band in place. The other day, I had some epoxy left over so decided to make use of it and solve my problem at the same time: There are now 3 clothes pegs just holding the edge of the bag in place whilst I finish the job of putting the band in place.
  5. I'm a PC user through and through. I only have an iPhone because when I bought it, it was best of class. I wish I'd waited 6 months and got an Android. iTunes is a complete mess of a user interface. I hate it. It's slow. It's buggy if you're on a 64bit platform. Painful. My next phone will not be an iPhone.
  6. The woodtalk online podcast has vanished from my iPhone, and when I search for it, I can't find it on iTunes. Has it come off iTunes and I missed something?
  7. I was hoping that the magnets and the paste wax would make an air tight, or at least moisture tight, seal over the surface so come the new year when the weather warms up, I would need to do less (or better yet, no) work the get the surfaces rust free again.
  8. Has anyone tried using a combination of paste wax and sheet magnets like this:
  9. Oh yes, probably. It was a good few years ago. You know, when WEP was considered a form of encryption, rather than a joke.
  10. From memory, Target were using WEP at the time, which whilst technically was encrypted, was known to be breakable with little difficulty. This was a good few years ago now, and I can't find the information any more.
  11. I have not been stropping my blades, but still getting reasonable results with my sandpaper. Perhaps that's an upgrade more worth doing than moving to stones.