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    Broadview Heights, OH
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    Turning, drawing, cutting, carving, and drilling. Interests do NOT include sanding, finishing, or scraping.

    My end goal is to make furniture of period reproductions involving wood, metal, and leather - and all of it made by myself from suppliers (although I'm not going to consider raising the cows myself).

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About Me

What to say? I'm round, pink, mostly water, occasionally hot air, more often gas, once in a while covered in sawdust, and disappointed in how infrequent those times are. I'm trying to pinch pennies, make silver magically appear from kid's ears (especially my kids, so I don't have to pay allowance to them), and involved in the rat race. (Marginally, anyway.) I think I can write and talk, I'd like to believe I could succeed one day, and I'd love to dare to dream that my dreams will come true. (Cue Disney music.)

*sound of record needle scratching*

Now that the comedy portion of the show is over...


Recently, I've graduated with an Associates of
Business in Small Business Management from Cuyahoga Community College.  While I was there, I was the Editor for the student newspaper (The Voice) at the West Campus.  While I'm not a journalist, I have learned to appreciate the art behind writing.  In addition, I started writing for Yahoo! Voices; my content can be found here: http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/1644450/jeremy_hopkins.html.  (Full disclosure: I do get paid per click.)  I also am in the process of building my own blog site for entry-level woodworking at www.fiveminutewoodworker.wordpress.com, where I hope to eventually post more video and project builds.  As the title implies, I'm focusing on quick projects.  I'm going to be using this as a springboard to create my small furniture shop, where I will be working on reproduction pieces.  (More later.)


Married, two step-sons that I consider my own, been bitten by the woodworking bug for far too long to count, still (barely) in my thirties, haven't successfully made and finished anything except fire starters, have a few projects going (as with most woodworking individuals), and have a few hobbies. My interests include blacksmithing, leatherworking, and woodworking. The idea was that I would be able to make all the aspects of the recreation furniture I wanted. The problem is I'm getting farther ahead of my skill set...

While I'm interested in most types of music, I prefer Dance, Electronic, Techno, and Chill/Ambient.  I've also been known to really appreciate classical. The irony is I'm listening to music composed on material I'm working with.

I read frequently, but not constantly. Some of my favorite authors include Jim Butcher (the "Dresden Files" / "Semi-automatic Magic" series), Isaac Asimov, and Douglas Adams.


The next project is always just around the corner.  The hard part is remembering to finish and finish the previous one(s).