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  1. Marc, Stop by words or deeds placing yourself below other woodworking personalities. Each woodworker has their likes and dislikes, but respect their skills. Continue to inspire and let us chose who's inspiration and skills we like. STAY REAL!
  2. The analogy of the spring is exactly how I feel as a Vietnam Vet. and never could express until now. Thanks for the video.
  3. I got a book that tells a story about the most famous carpenter who has ever lived. Yes I got a new Bible.
  4. ddean5

    First Workbench

    Oil and wax for the top (easy on the wax) and poly on the base.
  5. Here is my first workbench. It is 3" x 34 5/8" x 87 3/4" and 34 3/4" tall. It's made from dimensional douglas fir and MDF. I have used for 3 weeks now and love it as it meets my needs.
  6. Have not finish the top yet. I believe I will use two or three coats of tung oil then finish it with a wiping varnish or wax. Still in the decision mode. This work bench is actually a secondary workbench and will used mostly used as an assembly table. The table is longer and wider than my primary workbench. The base is heavy duty made out of douglas fir and the top is made out of MDF (3") with douglas fir edging. The table will have a vice and dog holes. Will post a pic when finished.
  7. Can I use a water base poly over a tung oil finish?
  8. To Whom It May Concern, Mess with one of us, you have messed with all of us. We will never let a brother or sister down. Remember we have very sharp and powerful tools. Beware of wood dust.
  9. What a great cradle. Great choice of woods. WOW! My cradle will be my first furniture build and after seeing all the cradles shown I can only hope my build will turn out half as good.
  10. Thanks guys! I didn't even think of birch and now I will look at it seriously.
  11. I am going to build a cradle for my upcoming great grandchild. I was thinking of using walnut but I am finding it hard finding 10/4 walnut for the stand and don't want to glue up two pieces. My question is what other wood would be a good choice for building a cradle and what wood would be good to build that I can use a walnut dye?
  12. Thanks to all. Great information.
  13. I noticed that black iron pipe are use with pipe clamps. I also noticed that black iron pipe can leave black marks on you work piece. My question; can galvanized pipe be used with pipe clamps?
  14. I used this new Bosch first time on 4 end grain cutting boards. I loved it and it will be my go to router. Really liked the power switch on the handle and the switch can be locked in the on position if needed. Have not used it with the non-plunge base yet.
  15. I need to drill 3/4" bench dog holes thru 3 inches of MDF. Which bit would you use (Forstner, Auger, Drill, Spade)?
  16. Thanks guys! I found the out feed table was not level with the knifes (higher then knifes).
  17. I have flatten the face of the board, then when I joint the edge with the flat face against the fence, my edge has become trapezoid (front width smaller then the tail width). Is the problem with my technique or is there a jointer adjustment incorrect? Please Help!
  18. Let say that I have an opening that is 36" x 48" and I want to place 4 drawers in this opening. How do I determine the size of the drawers and the spacing between drawers. Im new to woodworking and hope this make it clearer. I currently looking at a future project and have never had to figure out how to determine drawer size and spacing. I do know that I have to account for the drawer slides but beyond that I'm lost. Maybe you can recommend a book or video that will help me.
  19. How so I determine drawer sizes and spacing (for any number of drawers) for a box of any size. I want to use full extension drawer slides. Any help or resources will be appreciated.
  20. Welcome Jason, Welcome to the Guild. What's great about the Guild is that no matter what your skill level is there is always something to learn.
  21. I would like to see a build for the shop. My suggestion is a Miter Saw Work Station w/ adjustable platform for the saw so if you change saws you can use the same station and built in dust collection.
  22. ]ust received Marc's new finishing book. This is a great, straight forward, easy to read book on finishing. I wish more woodworking books were written like this book. I was not aware of the bonus...online videos to go along with the book was a pleasing surprise. Can't wait until his next book is published; but most likely it will be a few years which is alright as we still have the web site. Way to go Marc! 5 grape sodas out of 5
  23. What have I learned from Marc? Between Norm, Marc and many mistakes; everything. Marc is the regular guy's woodworker, teacher and mentor. The frosting on the cake is his wife Nicole; beautiful, smart, and funny.
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    Thanks guys. My results looking for wood has been the same. This may be crazy but every change I get to give feed back to Lowes or Home Depot I suggest that they carry hardwoods for woodworkers. Maybe one day.
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    Oklahoma City area woodworkers. Besides Woodcraft where do you buy your hardwood lumber? Can't seem to fine any place that sell lumber retail.