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  1. Great job on the beams, they give a very solid well built feeling while being decorative and non-intrusive into the room. Do they make the ceiling seem higher, it looks like they might when compared to the old pictures?
  2. Nice link Beechwood, now a want one of those wood grinding disks, think there is any chance of finding a 6 inch version?
  3. Why can't you unscrew the plastic piece from the base and use that as a template, why do you need a cad drawing, just what are you building I'm curious?
  4. Cut up the tools how...were you able to fix them?? Because I know i would've been dumpster diving and piecing them back together. I am also pretty sure they wouldn't complain about getting upgraded machinery, but the problem is that they get rid of "dangerous" equipment and try to replace it with tools that are complete junk but have "safety features". I can only imagine what would happen at you work if someone was walking with a pencil/pen and slipped and stabbed themselves with it, can you imagine trying to use a pencil/pen with a guard on it... while your wearing special anti paper-cut mit
  5. You can figure this out just by watching the sawstop video where Gass touches the blade, ever notice how slow he is moving his hand, he is trying to get as small of a nick as possible to make the saw look as good as possible. There is a really good reason he didn't "ninja chop" the saw blade : )
  6. I would have to agree that a panel saw is over kill, but if you have the room is sure beats trying to cut sheet goods with a circular saw a 2x4 as a straight edge. I would have to agree that there is probably a lot smaller market for panel saw then there is a track saw and it may take a while to sell depending on what he tries to get for it and how big his surrounding population is, but it doesn't cost anything to list on craigs list or kajiji and as long as he has the room for it he can ask as much as he wants for it and if he sells it for over 700 he's laughing all the way to the bank. I als
  7. Well that is better then the sawstop logo, but not by much
  8. I think there worth the price, you should be able to make all your money back on the panel, not sure what that panel saw is worth but they do seem to start at a 1000, this one looks pretty similar http://www.amazon.com/Safety-Speed-Cut-H6-Vertical/dp/B0000224ST/ref=sr_1_15?s=power-hand-tools&ie=UTF8&qid=1332187403&sr=1-15. For the Cabinet saw, I think it looks fine, not to sure about the fence you may need to upgrade it down the line, but if you get an aftermarket fence you would be able to put that on a new table saw should you decide to upgrade down the line (and buy the new saw
  9. I really like the gaps they have a nice way of highlighting the lines in the birch plywood and creating a nice visual effect.
  10. Wow another helpful post, I know that helical cut cleaner then straight knifes as well as being cheaper to replace individual damaged cutting blades, but thx for pointing out that they need less HP, I will defiantly look into getting an upgraded cutting head when i get a jointer as the helical head would help compensate for my lack of power, just as a thin kerf blade does with my saw.
  11. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted each post was helpful and informative, I am truly impressed, you all managed to explain the difference in power requirements between a jointer and a planer and even inform me that their are 8 and 10 inch jointers that run on 110. I am really glad that i was able to join the guild and support Marc when he needed it and can honestly say your answered easily saved me the cost of a years membership, So to everyone that posted I say thank you once again
  12. I never thought about the initial power draw needed to start the motor, I just assumed that i would have to take lighter passes to compensate for the lack of power if i wanted to use 110.
  13. Thank you Don, That explains it, I figured it had to be something due to power restraints, but i didn't realize that there was that big of difference between the size of cutter heads between the jointer and the planer, I just assumed there were about the same size and the reason for being smaller was to reduce the cast iron needed for the top, making them cheaper to produce. That the consumer would end up having to upgrade so they would be able to sell them a second jointer and that anyone who needs a larger jointer would be using it for production purposes and would have the 220 needed for a
  14. Thx for letting me know about the 8in Delta, I was unaware that you could get an 8inch that runs on 110, I currently rent and only have 110, so being able to get an 8in jointer that can be rewired is a very attractive option and one i will definitely look into. I have been putting off buying a jointer as everyone says that they find themselves upgrading from a 6 inch to an 8 inch, so spending the money to get a good 6 inch seems like a waste and getting a cheaper benchtop seems like it would just turn into something i would regret buying.
  15. Any chance of Giant wood whisperer Stickers/magnets coming out any time soon, I ordered a Sawstop the other day and I'm am going to need something to cover that logo with and figured your plane logo would look pretty snazzy there