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  1. I also have the iVac Pro automatic blast gate systems, very nice, but not cheap.
  2. I also built my bench almost 3 years ago and I used the screws on the top = no problems there at all. As for the barrel nuts and bolts.......I now wish I had not done that. I would like to upgrade to the criscross but the lower left front bolt is in the way and is going to take some rebuild to move it. As for you that won't be a big issue since the newest plans take that into account.
  3. A few years ago I built The Wood Whisperer lumber rack, the one that is hinged to the wall with wheels on one end so it can be pulled out from the wall to load sheet goods. My problem is I have so many scraps that I'm running out of room, so this morning I added on the to front of the rack for more storage and now I have that full and still don't have all of my scraps put away. My question is what dimension of scrap do you scrap and what do you keep? I look at them and say to myself "that sure is a nice little piece of quarter sawn white oak I hate to throw it away". But something has to go so what do you guys use as a rule of size for keepers and trash?
  4. My first Festool was the track saw, which I don't use as much since I got a good table saw. My most used Festools are my two sanders, ETS105/5 and RO90 and vac. Second most used Festool is my Domino, wouldn't part with any of those. Oh and yes I really like the MFT as well.
  5. wdwerker, I'm sure the Excalibur is a nice unit it's just too big for my current shop. Now if I ever get that dream shop then who knows!! CessnaPilotBarry, yes sir the action is very smooth on it. It's smooth enough that due to the slope in my garage floor, the slide will move on it's own.
  6. Its like a sled on bearings.
  7. I have owned a SawStop professional series cabinet saw for almost 3 years now and I really like it. That being said I have longed for a slider but never liked the idea of one size fits all from the aftermarket manufactures. So finally SawStop has brought to market their own slider for their saws as I'm sure most of you have seen. I made a trip to WoodCraft in Ft Worth TX so I could see one in person and yes I brought one home with me and got it installed last night. The fence rails must be cut off in order to mount the slider. I already had a incra fence system on my saw so cutting the incra aluminum rails was easy to do with the appropriate blade in my Kapex. Over all the installation is straight forward and the instructions are written well. The unit seems very solid, well made, and beefy. I can't give comparisons to other sliders as I have never had one but so far I like this unit. I know there isn't very much info out there on this unit from users so I can try to answer question if anyone has any. A very thick and heavy box to protect the contents. I performed the installation by myself and it took me about 3 hours. Had to modify my out feed table so the slider could pass over the edge of it. With the blade raised high enough to cut 3/4" material, my tape measures 50 1/8" to the blade so it would be easy to cross cut that over size ply and mdf. There is a nice size foot on the left end of the fence to support long pieces. Flip stops are sturdy.
  8. I have several of their bits and they perform well.
  9. I'm just like a kid.............I want one!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks!! I just picked up an extra brake cartridge for my sawstop.
  11. I like your chair. I have been thinking of adding some G&G details to mine as well. Thanks for posting.
  12. Yes it is covered by warranty. And the installation isn't too difficult, so I will do that myself.
  13. I have had a Kreg router table with a Triton router for several years and I have never been completely satisfied with it, so out with the old and in with the new. I bought into the complete Incra system including their stand and built my own cabinetry full of drawers into the Incra stand. I bought the 43" wide stand and top with the with the 17" super system fence. I also went with the Incra Clean Sweep enclosure and Clean Sweep Maglock ring set along with the Incra Master lift and Porter Cable 7518 motor. I built cabinetry with drawers into the Incra stand which was a little more of a challenge than I had thought it would be. You MUST make sure you assemble the stand completely square so that your cabinetry and drawers will work well. I thought I had is square the first time but found out otherwise as I started to build the cabinetry for it. The side and back panels are 1/2" baltic birch ply and the face frame is solid maple, still using up scrap maple from my Roubo work bench. The drawer sides are made from 5/8" pine and dovetailed using the Incra system, bottoms are 1/4" birch veneered MDF, and the fronts are 3/4" solid maple. If you have looked into the Incra router system you know they come with several templates for the different dovetail and box joint patterns. I wanted easy access to these templates but hated to give up an entire drawer to something that won't be used each time I use the I came up with the idea of a template holder on the end of the table which also houses the instruction booklet. This was made from 1/2" MDF trimmed with solid maple and maple veneered MDF. It offers easy access yet out of the way when not needed. I have enjoyed the Incra system so much I have now even added a 32" Incra fence system to my table saw.