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  1. National forests .... Get a firewood permit and they will assign you an area .... Go to town!
  2. The main problem I have is with black widows, although the last brown recluse bite I got took a year to heal. I try to blow the shop out weekly and take down any cobwebs with a broom. Spray for bugs when necessary, and that typically keeps the problem at bay .... Leather shoes are a must, however ... And no shoe and/or clothing storage in the shop. I try to leave the geckos alone however .... They are kind of cute
  3. Change can be awesome .... Bring it on!
  4. I'm building mt third one, this one in oak, for my Daughter's bedroom set. First one was expanded into a desk, second one became a TV stand .... And the techniques transfer so well to other designs, like a cedar outdoor end table I built. Hope the next build is so versatile.
  5. I have a lightly used skil 9 inch bandsaw and a used skil 10 inch table saw I'm willing to donate to a new woodworker here in the Houston area. Just pick them up, agree to use safe wood shop practices at all times, and pass them along to another newbie at no charge when you decide to upgrade (don't just hang on to them and let them collect dust). Newer blades are included and a push stick to get you started. I built a number of projects with them but now that I've upgraded I don't need them any more. Must be a forum member and I'll need your ID (after all, you'll know where I live and
  6. Could you wet them, sticker then, then let them air dry?
  7. Fantastic! I love the oval .... What type of base are you going to build?
  8. Thanks, however, the saw was delivered yesterday. I appreciate the Thought! I set it up last night ..... All I can say is Awesome. Grizzly sells a nice product. I resawed som scrap, cut some curves, etc. this saw is certainly a welcome addition to the shop .... Adds a lot to my capabilities over the little skil I had before. In the past year I've added a saw stop, 12 inch planer, bench top dril press, built a new router table with a Kreg fence, built a new workbench, refurbished some old planes, added dust collection, and bought a new impact driver. Along with my guild membership, the
  9. Part two ... So ... You've got several decisions to make .... How are you going to capture all your costs? Save all your receipts? Buy a big book and write down every nickel? One thing you can do is to separate your personal and business expenses .... Which is as simple as opening a separate bank account and everything for your shop/business has to be paid for out of that account. Your wood whisperer guild subscription is a good example, in a business it is a professional association membership or an educational expense ( and tax deductible). Your monthly statement is your expense statem
  10. I have run a small business for a multinational corporation for the past 15 years. Perhaps I can be of service? There are two major buckets of cost, fixed costs and variable costs. Fixed costs don't change no matter if you produce 1 piece or 10. Rent, insurance, equipment, and the like are all fixed costs. Variable costs change per piece ... Material and labor are the big two. You can average out your fixed costs and apply what they call a burden rate per job to cover all your fixed costs ( these are the costs that end up getting people in trouble) if you have an idea on your volum
  11. Mark Henley

    Incra LS

    If building a wood cabinet the only thing I can say is to be careful of vibration ... Make it very stiff. It cuts way down on the noise if the cabinet doesn't transfer the vibration. I wish I had used a sheet of foam in between layers of ply for mine.
  12. Well, no discount :0( But I went ahead and ordered a Grizzly 14 inch bandsaw .... In white.
  13. Mark Henley

    Incra LS

    No .... But I installed the Kreg precision router table fence this weekend ... It is fantastic .... I used the edge jointing function several times this weekend. It beats the heck out of my craftsman 4 1/2 inch inherited jointer. Nice smooth edges ready for glue up right off the table using a Freud pattern routing bit. And having the board laying flat on its side makes it effortless. I also cut a few test tenons ...