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  1. Are there any members in the Phoenix area who are interested in having the name of your child or grandchild or a short nursery rhyme or saying carved into the front or lid of your WFC toy box? I believe this is a worthy cause however I do not have any young children to make one for so I would like to help in some way.
  2. JamieM Over the years I have installed hundreds of the hydronic units with great success, Having said that, I installed ductless splits in my shop.
  3. Hi Tim Welcome!! It look like we have a few things in common. Born in Texas 1946 ( aww dude you’re really OLD!!) HVAC (50 years), Metal shop (30+), Woodworking, (3 years) If you plan on combining woodworking and metalworking, I would love to see your designs.
  4. Hi Todd Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for your contribution to the forum. and to add what little knowledge I have about textures. Textures can be purchased on line for about $10.00 to $25.00 each. You can also create textures from Gray scale images. (Bark & Brick). Or with modeling software you can create artistic forms. (Waves)
  5. Thanks Todd. I had been thinking about adding a baffle to my JET DC System.
  6. Hi Mike Welcome to the Forum. If you like 3D puzzles for scroll saws try. Make CNC.
  7. mar10

    AZ Floods

    Thanks everyone I am on the other side of the valley from Marc, Lost a few trees but no real damage.
  8. HI Duck What about using a routing templet? The outer ring and inter pocket can be cut by changing the size of the router bushing. The eye of Horus Try tracing the image using carbon paper then routing out with a 1/8” bit. Text on a curve. Pocket out then laminate . Good Luck
  9. Beechwood I have attached two files one is a PDF containing info on the project. The other is a Zip file containing a cut list for my cnc. what file formats can you open ? Washer Toss Project Files [Download zipped files] Trebuchet Designed for ShopBot by TJ Christiansen Overview: This medieval launcher would reek havoc on enemies castles. However, the modern day conversion using 20lbs of weight will easily through a tennis ball the length of a gymnasium. Teach students about history, trajectory, mathematics, etc. Enjoy. Materials:3/4” plywood, 2’ of 5/8” threaded rod, 3’ of 1 1’8” dowel, 12 1/4” dowel pins Minimum Cutting Area: 2 sheets of plywood that measure 4’ x 8’ Bit Size: 1/4” Finishing:Spray paint works great to accent the gussets. A polyurethane coating will cover all of the natural wood and seal it up. Project Files: Trebuchet Tutorial [Download pdf] Trebuchet Project Files [Download zipped files]
  10. Toy box +1 A Step Stool or Book Case maybe ?
  11. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Mark- After weeks of trying to come up with the perfect design. I went with JUST DO IT !!
  12. My wife asked me to make something that would lift the dog’s food bowl up off the floor. Making life a little easier for our ageing dog. Made from poplar, I first applied a sanding sealer then a wipe on stain. it measures 14”x 10” x 10” H.
  13. Just thinking out loud, but wouldn't you need to design around the 5/16 " bushing ? Using 5/16 bushing redesigned for bushing
  14. Hi Brian Try The Vectric forum. Most of there members are CNC Hobbyist and you may find someone near you.
  15. 2014 Arizona Camp ShopBot The TechShop is hosting a Free CNC camp Saturday, April 26, 2014 for the Arizona Camp ShopBot. This year’s Camp will be held at: The TechShop Chandler* 249 E. Chicago Street Chandler, AZ 85225 Lunch is included so they are asking us to pre register.
  16. Eric I purchased my Jet 22-44 plus about 2 weeks ago and put in together last weekend . one of my concerns is that it pulls 15.5 amps. If you would like more info ,I will be glad to help.
  17. Thanks Everyone Here is a before and after of a sample using "Restor -A- Finish" A long way from perfect but will do.
  18. Thanks TKF That's what I was afraid of. The turned spindles are a little intimidating.
  19. We have a queen size pedestal bed frame that is 35 years old (see pictures attached). There are scratches and wear on the side rails. I would like some advice on refinishing it. Does it need to be sanded down to the bare wood? I believe the wood is either pine or fir. Do you think that it would be cost effective to have someone refinish it? What would be a reasonable fee to have it refinished? Any comments are appreciated.
  20. Hi Mel The Photo is of a 3D model from Vectric The pattern cost around $25.00 and is cut with a CNC router. You may also try the 3D Model Club for other pattern ideas. My avatar is one of there's.
  21. I -17 and Pinnacle Peak here.
  22. Shop heaters / Air cleaner Being the type of person that hates to throw things out, I would rather see these air handers go to a good home than the scrap pile. They range from 400 cfm to 1200 cfm. Some with 5kw heat strips (208/220v) others have a hot water coil (110v) . For more Information try Free to forum members / local pick up
  23. Hi Joe Just brain storming but you may have more success with the CAD / CAM forums. CNC ZONE , McSoft, Mach 3, Artcam, Rhino to name a few. 3D printing is hot right now and would be a good place to start. Best of luck
  24. Hi Jens My wife asked me to make a few Christmas ornaments for her Sunday school class. The idea was to make something the kids could decorate themselves. I used a .375 90deg V-bit @ 12,500 rpm 2.5 IPM for the inside lines , and a .125 end mill for the cut out. 10 down 60 to go.