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  1. I have the exact model, and mine does not make that sound, yours sounds like the drive belt slapping against the cover. Does not sound like a bad bearing to me.
  2. Thanks Dave, your tool reviews are always excellent
  3. Looks like a burl on a maple that the bugs like, which in turn the woodpeckers like. I hope it's leaning away from the house. Hard to say when it will come down, but it will eventually come down.
  4. Eric, I'm glad to help, I lost my Dad 16 years ago to cancer. I still thinks about him every day.
  5. Thanks Chet, Ha, Ha, my shop, but it's next to the laundry room and if the shop door is open, the advantech is showing. Interesting idea about the stenciling, but I'm too lazy for that. I like the idea of hiding the floor with more tools
  6. I have a small shop, former 1 car attached garage converted to bedroom with raised floor - 12' X 18', I'm turning it into my wood shop. I just added advantech subfloor. The wife doesn't like the raw look. Simplest solution would be painting. Anybody have a better suggestion?
  7. A cheaper version of a cyclone is this, you use a metal trash can
  8. I take the collector bag off the bottom of the unit and use my ridgid shop vac with one extension tube on and the 2" wide attachment and carefully suck the dust out from between the pleats. It's a pain in the ass because it's really hard to see what your doing. Ken, I think the best way to solve our filter clogging problems is adding a cyclone to the system so the dust drops into a container before it gets to the filter
  9. There's always Amazon. I ditched the dust bag on my HF dust collector and went to Wynn Environmental and bought a pleated cartridge filter, it works fantastic
  10. I'm the old guy advertising for The Wood Whisperer in London with the family
  11. I sent Grizzly an email about the discontinued jointers, and received this in response: The new model numbers are G0656W, G0656XW, G0490W and G0490XW and will be included in our 2016 Grizzly catalog. We are in the process of updating our website with this information. Although we do not have this model available for shipping yet you will be able to place orders Jan 4th.
  12. Cliff, CONUS refers to the Continental United States, all 50 of them. OCONUS is everywhere else
  13. I have the hitachi, the plunge mechanism is smooth, it does not come with an edge guide. I purchased the edge guide, it's ok, not great. It's a little hard to dial in. The on off button is on top, it would be better if it was on one of the handles.
  14. I'm order #39, Marc you need the jock strap with the cup pocket picture for the full effect!
  15. I'm in as well, happy to help support the forum
  16. Franklin is right about the Tauntons book, I have it and used it for trim work in my basement. It is a good reference. Shane's Gary Katz reference is also excellent.
  17. I bought a cheap 1 ton chain hoist from HF and it worked like a charm. I also adjusted the blade gullets in the crown of the top wheel
  18. One more lumber supplier near DC is Northland Forest Products in Manassas. Sells domestic hardwoods and one or two exotics.
  19. Virginia Mark


    Ken, My brother uses those in his outhouse in Alaska.
  20. That's a nice piece of 8/4 Purple Heart on top of the stack!
  21. That looks great! How long did it take to bore all the holes?
  22. Wynn Environmental makes filters also. I used one to replace my Harbor Freight cloth bag filter and it works great
  23. I use the pink stuff, it has the consistency of sawdust when I cut it with my track saw or circular saw