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  1. If you have been working with Walnut be careful not to dump the dust in the yard and certainly not in the compost. Walnut dust keeps many plant seeds from germinating.
  2. I know nothing of martial arts, but it seems that if a vampire attacks you'll regret having sawed off the pointy ends. Just a thought.
  3. In a former life I was an active rock climber. The American Mountaineering Association published an annual report on all the mountain climbing accidents in north america. Boring as it could be but very telling. If there were a more authoritative resource for woodworking I'd be interested in knowing the results if not reading the whole book.
  4. Hey Duck, I subscribed to Chris Pye's woodcarving workshop videos for a while, they are excellent. You might try that. The Mary May videos look good too.
  5. The fine woodworking digital subscription is an incredible investment at like $15 year. Its got articles and videos on basic through advanced topics.
  6. I don't know much about rural Iowa but if there is any chance anyone in your town has a jointer I'd show up with a smile and a six pack and ask for help. Is there a cabinet shop in town that might mill the boards for you?
  7. So here's what I did. Its a shame I don't have pictures because it worked out well. I drilled a 3/8th inch hole near the edge that was pulling away anywhere there was a gap. Squirted glue into the gaps then used a hex wrench inserted into the hole as a hook to pull the back into place. Held each one for about a minute until the glue held it. Came back and plugged the holes with a bit of dowel recessed slightly and covered with caulk. Painted it. I know its a sketchy repair but it would be a challenge to find it. And next time I'll use 1/2 inch ply screwed into the back and avoid th
  8. all the bases I can find have two fixed and two swivel wheels. It takes a little more space to maneuver those compared to my table saw with a Herculift that can go for a "four way" maneuver.
  9. I've got some pics of my sunroom workshop on the WW site but I've made more changes since I posted with more to come. http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/shop-tours/lonnies-sun-room-workshop/ I'm finally going to start a real workbench build and I'm working on squeezing a table saw in there too.
  10. Anyone know of mobile bases that can move in all directions? Or alternatively, why i wouldn't want such a thing for a very small space.
  11. My $200 Dewalt home store miter saw does a dang fine job. Built into a table, high tooth count blade, and about an hour fidgeting with the presets make a huge difference. I stretched a section of Underarmor shirt over the back like so (http://www.keen-products.com/mitersaws.htm) and always have a shop vac hooked up. I've used a Kapex a few times and I would put this hobbled together cheapo saw up against it in terms of accuracy of 90* cut and dust collection. Not for capacity obviously but then again that's what the TS55 is for!
  12. I picked up the Guhdo 50T combo and must confess that I'm not as impressed as I was watching the demo at the show. I think its a fine blade but on my underpowered saw a Freud rip blade (24 T) sure had a better result even on 4/4 poplar. Consequently I'm not really loving the combo blade concept.
  13. When I make these mistakes again it will be for neglect, not for inexperience!