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  1. This man has it right here. How much, isn't as important as consistency..
  2. So what does it do to the pads to ruin them?
  3. I loath sharpening. I have the Norton combo set as well. They do make a mess, so I would recommend making something to sharpen on that will help contain it.
  4. I cant believe anyone would actually pay $1000 for that POS. But that is just me. You can get a heck of a lot of saw for $1000. For cabinet/furniture, that is prob the last saw that I would want to use, but if its all that I could get my hands on, I guess I would have to decide what is more important... getting stuff done, or not having a saw. For $325, if it is in good condition, maybe you should jump on it to start working. Save more pennines, and maybe sell the other one then. To many variables. Have to decide what is important to you.
  5. ^^^^ What they said. As for the gaps. Timbermate Woodfiller my friend, that stuff is just plain awesome. Especially if you are going to paint. I have no idea about primer.. can't help you there. (I suck at finishing.)
  6. I think that a dry lube would be best. Get it as clean as possible then give it a good coat. If you use something wet, it will collect lots of dust.
  7. You try and stick a screwdriver up there to pull it back over into alignment? After a quick google search, I see this is not an uncommon problem.
  8. This looks absolutely amazing! I am expanding my deck in the spring and would like a table to go on it for gatherings.. But living in WI, I don't know what I would use for a finish that could take the abuse of temperature and humidity swings. Congrats!
  9. This is your problem right there.. I tried a thin kerf with my saw, a General 3HP, but had the same issue. Or see if you can get one made at a local metal shop for thin kerf.
  10. @bbaude, you can build an extension table to the right that will fit in there no problem. If you really wanted to, you could build a removable extension to put even more onto it. Just make sure that you support it. It does have a 30" rip capacity so you will be limited to that with your fence. You could do what @gee-dub did and maybe slide them over or drill some different holes to get a little more rip capacity out of it. As for sharing the 220 circuit, you may be better off running another. But if you are looking at the hybrid, then just run that on its own 120 circuit and you should be fine.
  11. Then I think that your best option right now would to be get the new table saw. You said earlier that you don't plan on doing lots of stuff with sheet goods, and that you are looking to get just more accurate square cuts. Go for the saw. Add the tracks later if you feel the need for it. As for the table top, go get a nice straight edge and use a circular saw and cut it on top of a 2" thick piece of styrofoam insulation. I did that for a while before I made the jump to the track saw. But topic was about the table saw so lets get back to that. Do you have 220V available to you in your shop? I only ask this, because the price range that the Jet saw is in, is the same price range that 220 saw are in. You could get this Grizzly saw and still have money left over for a good miter gauge and enough still to build a nice sled to cut that table top you are looking to do. Heck, you could get this one with a fence that isn't quite as nice as the first I listed, and still have money left over to get a track saw if you really wanted to. You mentioned that space might be an issue, you get get this one with a router table extension and save a little more room in your shop, but leave you win no extra cash for other things. Lots of options.
  12. So do you think that you will be cutting a lot of things that will require that much space, or is this something that will only be don't once in a while? I understand the need(want) to buy the biggest and best that we can afford. I mean, we are men... its in our nature. But in reality, the number of times that you're going to need that much space vs. the number of times you might get upset because those big ass rails are in the way, is probably going to learn towards getting upset more often. If you plan on doing a lot of big tops, but still need the space, you could be better off making a custom sled to ride on that new saw, that you can hand up on the rafters or wall of your shop. As for the saw itself, do you have 220V available to you? If so, you might as well step up and get a saw that can take advantage of that. Like @bleedinblue said, for a couple hundred more, you could get a nicer saw. Lots of people like the Griz too. Made in the same country as that Jet is. You could wire up that 220 I am sure, but if you are going to do it, you might as well get 3HP out of the deal. Both saws are going to be about the same size. Just my thoughts..
  13. ^^^^^^ Listen to that man.. He is the Sketchup Guru!!
  14. Getting warmer... Keep it up and get the heat rolling then it is easier to get motivated!
  15. So if you have to adjust for baking at high altitude, do you need to adjust for getting baked at high altitude as well?
  16. If you are giving it away, call it a lesson learned and let the person you are giving it to deal with it. If they don't like it, screw them, give it to someone who appreciates the table more! HA!
  17. Where do you live? Are there nasty spiders in you area? Look like its been scratched.
  18. What they said up there... ^^^^^^^^ I absolutely love mine. Gets used pretty much on every project. And makes using a 5" feel like using regular hand sandpaper..
  19. Id fill it with a little CA glue. Will keep things from going in there (Food or dip or dressing whatever.) Should fill pretty easily, and should look just fine. Looks good!
  20. Sac


    I actually can't be near her when she is watching... The comments just fly out. I can't help it.
  21. Sac

    DW735 Static

    I have gotten zapped a few times.. But I wouldn't say that it happens on a regular basis. Is it super dry in your shop?Obviously, lack of humidity will make things worse. Directions... WTF are those? Pretty sure mine went with the box.
  22. Sac


    Does anyone else feel like they are in Mystery Science Theater 3000 when their wife is watching Lifetime Movies?
  23. I love the extended/beveled box joints. Really need to get my box joint jig built..