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  1. We are taking our third Alaskan cruise this summer. First trip was on Holland, and the last one and the one coming up are on Norwegian. Will be happy to answer any questions if needed.
  2. You can buy a cutting board package from Bell Forest starting around $35. http://www.bellforestproducts.com/exotic-lumber-projects/cutting-board-package/
  3. I had one until it went up in smoke, won't buy another one.
  4. Mine has 3/4" pine which is nailed down. Been in about 10 years and still look good.
  5. Very nice Micks, love a nice clean and well organized shop.
  6. And we have a winner! Pic was taken with a Canon 400/2.8L IS on a 1DMKIII or 1DMKIV, don't remember which.
  7. Thanks for all of the compliments. I haven't been on the forum in a month or so (work has been busy) and didn't know this had resurfaced. For those that say it's too clean you should see it right now, it is FILTHY! At least I think it is. Haven't made any changes to it since I took the pics but I did get a new shop buddy! Meet Lulu.
  8. I can shoot a couple pics this weekend. Unlike Just Bob, I only use it to vac the floor, mats, machinery, and mine doesn't use any bags. There is one hose port and a floor sweep which are in the ts outfeed table and the hose is long enough to reach all around the shop.
  9. I vacuum the shop all the time, had a central vac system installed when the shop was built.
  10. This is where I keep all of my hand held power tools. Even though the shop has an alarm system I still wanted them to be locked up.
  11. When we trimmed my parents house we plinth blocked inside corners, outside corners, and the door frames, looks good.
  12. I would plinth block the corners, that will fix your molding being too short.
  13. Thanks for all the comments. I enjoy building the shop as much as using it.
  14. I looked at them when they first came out and thought they would be a pain. How do you use a push stick?