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    Building bed frames, cutting boards, night stands, small tables maybe more as I learn.

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  1. Awesome thanks. Just joined that site and am exploring all the info there too. Lots to look through and plenty to get me started.
  2. Wow awesome. Thanks so much to everyone for so much information. I now have a lot to get started with. One question...a couple of you mentioned joining a local woodworking club. I guess I'll just google that to see if there are any around here. I live in Bellevue, WA. Unless someone knows right off hand of a website that lets you find a group in your area? I found out that there is a cabinet making program at Seattle Central CC here. I'd love to do that. There's also a Marine program, learning how to build boats which sounds super cool too. But not sure I have the money to pay for a program. I think I'll just start out small and if I get really into it, maybe consider a program or just keep learning online and from book, magazines. I'd like to find just some local single classes I could take but so far haven't found anything. But I started watching Marc's videos from the beginning on this website and it's super interesting. Thanks everyone.
  3. Ok, I haven't had a chance to explore the Wood Whisperer site yet so I'll take a look. And thanks for mentioning all the shows also. I will check out the things you mentioned.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm totally new here. I love working with wood and building things and recently I have had the desire to actually learn the skill of woodworking. I built a twin size bed frame for my son out of pine a few years ago and I refinished a desk of mine all without any training at all. But I'd like to learn the trade. Does anyone know where or how I could start learning? I'm currently a web designer, but I'd like to do something that doesn't involve sitting in front of the computer. I think at first it would mostly be a hobby on the side, but maybe if I could get good at it, I could start building things for other people and maybe make a little side business out of it. So if anyone has any advice for me or some resources I could check out it would be much appreciated.