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  1. Yeah, that would do it. Yeah, AM looks really nice a panel. See my wall cabinet -> Don't want a crazy lookin' top. We need one of those things that allows you to change you hair before you cut it and see what it looks like.
  2. Do you think the quarter sawn mahogany ( would be too much as a top. Originally, I was thinking Mahogany top with cherry base because I struggled with the Mahogany and I so enjoy working with Cherry.
  3. Contrast makes good sense. Also Maple since it'll be a high use desk. Here's a picture -> http://4.bp.blogspot...00/mahogany.png Here's a picture of the desk too ->
  4. I'm going to build a desk for the office sometime after the first part of the year. I have some beautiful quarter-sawn African Mahogany for the top. Would you: 1) build the whole thing out of African Mahogany? 2) build the base out of Walnut? (Top AM) 3) build the base out of Cherry? (Top AM) Or something else?
  5. Back from vacation finally. This is worth a close look at and also the associated post. Wow!
  6. Opps! I'd already planned to set my shelve back at least 3/4" of inch. I really have gotten ton from this forum. As a result of the input I got some really great ideas about hinges and totally changed my original plan. And actually, I changed my whole cabinet plan four times as a result of input. I do plan on putting shelves in the doors but I'll be making slots to prevent tools from flopping around during energetic opening and closing. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
  7. I did see this tool cabinet, but hadn't noticed the hinges. Thanks for pointing them out. Really cool cabinet too. My doors are going to be heavy empty since I'll be making them frame and panel with a box behind them. I also like the odds and ends that they have in the LN cabinet and would probably use the same approach. I'm planning on storing my chisels in rolls in the drawers, but I haven't ruled out keeping a few of the most used in one of the doors. I also have a bow saw that needs a home (and a new blade). I also expect the doors to kinda be my grow space.
  8. Onboard - I'm following this post but for some reason I'm not getting notified when some one posts. I'm a little tardy in my response. So here's where I'm at. I didn't like all the wasted space in the cabinet, so I did yet another redesign and ended up here (see photo). The bottom three levels are drawers. I asked for additional advice from Marc and decided on the full wrap piano hinges on the inside of the cabinet. I though Darnell had a great point about how they look and I really wanted them on the inside so that wouldn't show as much. But I wanted something strong. I'm going to be blogging my way though the project on my site. I expect it to take many months for me to get through it especially since it now seems like I'll be having some knee surgery (grrr! again) in about month.
  9. Wow! Thanks for finding this! This is a great reference.
  10. I was going to try and put light things on the doors. Dividers, squares, marking gauges .. stuff like that. The doors themselves will weight a fair amount if they're 2" deep with a frame and panel front. I don't know, 5 to 10 lbs maybe. I'd love other suggestions.
  11. Bum-mer! Thanks a ton for askin'.
  12. I was thinking that things like marking gauges, dividers, etc. would go in the door shelves. I've gotten very attached to my chisel roll for rust protection and easy laying them all on the workbench within reach. So no chisels in the door or other heavy tools.
  13. I was going to put .. something, perhaps a rust inhibitor pad in my cabinet. He claims that the red felt helps prevent rust, but I don't know. I thought it dressed it up too. I'm starting to lean toward vertical divider. I realized that the handles on my plane might interfer with the door or the things on the door once I looked at Lord Nibbo's cabinet.
  14. Here's another interesting idea. Here's the site:
  15. No worries! I think it would work regardless.