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  1. What to finish...

    I do physical therapy once a week. My issue is nerve related; my myelin sheets are going away. The sad thing is I have a band saw sitting in the garage for 3-4 years waiting to get set up. Any suggestions on a scroll saw? Is that also called a jig saw?
  2. What to finish...

    Burned it?
  3. What to finish...

    Which one is that? Had that in mind. My hang up with wanting to finish it is the amount of bowsawing curves on the top and making the feet.
  4. What to finish...

    Here’s my unfortunate pattern. I feel good for a while, I get excited about woodworking, I start a project, I hit a rough patch with my health that lasts a few to several months, I start to feel good for a while, I get excited about woodworking, I forget where I was on my last project, I start a new project, I hit a rough patch... and on this has gone ad nauseum.I’m hitting one of my good patches and want to get out into the shop. But I don’t want to start over, I want to finish one of my former projects. Here’s what I have:1. A Roubo book stand as seen on Roy Underhill a few seasons ago. I’ve got the knuckle joint marked out and a little short of halfway knocked out.2. A shaker table from Schwarz video. Ran out of energy trying to saw out the leg stock from 8/4 walnut but have the top and sides (minus the drawer) ready.3. A Dutch tool chest. Have the sides sawn out and dovetail tails cut in one board but wasn’t happy with them. My first go at dovetails in anger.4. The bookcase from The Anarchist design book. Got the sides, kick, and back cross board cut. Wife really wanted me to do this but got tired of waiting and went out and bought pasteboard crap (at least it was used and cheap).so there’s where I’m out. Got all the tools I need for each project and the wood. Any thoughts on which one I should tackle?
  5. Tapered sliding dovetails

    Have you watched the Woodwright Shop episode where he makes a modular book case (3-4 years ago I think). It’s mostly about cutting a sliding dovetail. Season 30 ep. 8 here:
  6. Veritas Shooting plane vs my Lie-Nielsen LAJ

    Pulled the trigger on the LV. Derek, thanks for the nudge
  7. Veritas Shooting plane vs my Lie-Nielsen LAJ

    I did Derek and had read it before. I like your reviews but doesn’t mean I don’t want a wider variety of opinions and experiences. Think I’ve decided to go with the Lv - which is now out of stock.
  8. Veritas Shooting plane vs my Lie-Nielsen LAJ

    Ok the ‘usual’ question that always goes astray on other fora... i usually prefer Lie-Nielsen but I just can’t see paying $180ish for it. Am I missing something?
  9. Veritas Shooting plane vs my Lie-Nielsen LAJ

    I've really got a pretty complete tool kit. There's nothing I would say I am lacking on in a Basic kit.
  10. I currently use a Lie-Nielsen low angle jack for shooting. I have some money from a relative to spend on a gift. Would a Veritas Shooting plane be enough of an upgrade to sway me to use that money on it?
  11. My Workbench is Finally Finished

    Looks to have a serious problem. Send it to me and I'll check it out in my shop. great work!
  12. Chips under the chip breaker?

    And for the common sizes you can always get a replace,net from Lie Nielsen, Lee Valley, etc.
  13. Thoughts on an antique socket chisel

    Looks like someone used the tang to strike on?
  14. Getting Started

    What Jmaichel said regarding the LAJ. I brought it out recently and had forgotten what a joy it is to use.
  15. Getting Started

    The LV small plow is a very nice and versatile tool. There's also a large plow coming out this year.