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  1. My two are from blacksmith Peter Ross and they are exceptional but they were $85 bucks a few years ago. One thing I’ve heard about the TFWW holdfasts That Chestnut has is occasionally they are too smooth to hold in certain benches. However, sanding or dimpling seems to usually fix it. Also heard good things about the one from black bear forge. There’s been several that have come out in 5he last year or so.
  2. If it’s his choice then great; I’ll be bummed but understand. If it’s sponsors then I’d have to say somebody should sponsor him. There’s a lot worse shows that are on PBS that somebody pays for. I mean between Austin City limits lately and the Lawrence Welk reruns!
  3. That’s sad, especially since hand tools are seeing a revival.
  4. Is there going to be another season of the Woodwright’s Shop? If so, when?
  5. Have you looked at
  6. Yes, I believe you’re right - just not sure how I managed that with such a simple, straightforward mechanism.
  7. Nit sure I figured anything out This has been my primary block plane for quite a while so it was quite confounding when it wasn’t working.
  8. Took it apart and put it back together and it works now go figure.
  9. The notch in the blade seems to be on the adjuster the only way it could go...
  10. I don’t know what I did or am doing wrong but suddenly I can’t get my Lie Nielsen 102 block plane to take a cut. It’s hitting the front of the mouth before it gets to a cutting depth?
  11. I disagree with those that say not to start out with an LV or LN plane and go with something cheaper. I think it’s beneficial to start out with something that will just work right out of the box. WR and especially Stanley are likely to need some degree of flattening and fettleing whereas it’s rare for the premium to need anything other than a light honeing. after that, you can keep going new premium or even restore a vintage. Not a fan of WR.
  12. And you can hang your shirt on it when not using it.
  13. No experience with any of the chisels but the Stanley are of a design very similar to my Lie Nielsen and they have a great feel to them. Narex has been offered as a great inexpensive choice for a bit but lately I’ve read more negative on them.
  14. Upon reflection, I guess it depends on whether I need/want depth or width more (regarding swapping sides).