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    Furniture, End tables, coffee tables, Bauhaus style, Arts & crafts style, Industrial design history. Wood turning, entrepreneurial woodworking ideas.
  1. Hello fellow woodworkers, My name is Rob James and I am a woodworker from Rochester, New York. I am a graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology with my degree in Product design with a really love and concentration on furniture design. I would like to say thanks to all the podcasters out there who have given me the extra knowledge to continue this craft after my formal education. I would love to say that I am a professional but as of right now I still have my 9-5 job and spend every other waking moment in my garage shop, which is still in process. My loving wife is so supportive an
  2. Hello all, I'm new to the forum, but I'm in Rochester, NY. Went to college for Industrial Design at RIT, but just recently been getting back into woodworking more, getting ready to go pro in the next 12-18 months just getting my ducks in a row.