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  1. Hey all, Pardon my newbeeness but I have a question about planing wood. I do not have a large shop and can not afford a planer. Can the disk sander on my shop smith be used for the same purpose? I understand the limitations of wood size, but I am looking to build the keepsake box Marc did in one of his videos and most of the wood I am looking at is going to need some love before I build. Thanks Barrett
  2. Cool, That answers my question. I will alter my design to incorporate the slides in the top of the drawer. I think I will still add one on the underside just to keep the drawer stable sideways. It will be bolted to 2 metal shelves, then lagged into the wall. No worries of tipping forward. Thanks for the help and info. Pics when I get started in the next couple months. Barrett
  3. Love floating shelves, I am doing a whole wall of floating shelves with a telescoping floating desk. I am planning an "upside down" rabbit for mine. Hard to explain. I have to agree with rmac. Do what is easiest for you.
  4. I have finished the preliminary plans. Let me explain the method of my madness. Red section - clamps, squares, levels, etc.... Yellow Section - Screw drivers, chisels, wrenches Green Section - Hand saws, hammers, mallets Blue Section - Books/plans Purple section - hardware Olive section, Misc hand tools and small power tools (dremel etc) There will be a base cabinet with 2-4 drawers for larger power tools and other large items. The Red, Yellow & Green sections are the ones I was asking about. Will the 2 drawer slides one top and one bottom be enough to support the weight of t
  5. Thanks for the websites. I was expecting them to be much more expensive. Glad I was wrong. Will post my plans as soon as I finish them.
  6. I am starting a tool cabinet in the near future. I am still in the design stage and would like some input. The cabinet will have 3 vertical "drawers" around 60" tall. This is where I want to store clamps squares and other long tools. Each will be supporting around 50-100 pounds. For support I was thinking 4 drawer slides 2 top and 2 bottom. This will be a little pricey being that there will be 3 of these drawers. Is there another way to do this or should I stick with this design. I do not have any plans drawn yet, I can post a rough sketch up if that will be a help. Thanks Barrett
  7. Hello all, I am an amateur woodworker looking for resources and a knowledge base to become a craftsman. I have enjoyed the hobby off and on for nearly 30 years and am now becoming serious since I bought a 3 car garage with an attached house. Looking forward to contributing where I can, and learning everywhere else. Barrett