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  1. Oh, and yes I think some kerfs down the length of the table might actually help in returning the table to flat. I would reseal it after of course. I also think I might still attempt to use a steel angle-iron bracket to stabilize the table once flat again. I could always replace the apron as a cosmetic solution to the bracket.
  2. Thanks to everyone who took the time to offer advice. I suspected the same thing about the apron being a contributing factor here. It's actually forcing the legs out as the table top contracts. What could be good news, is that the apron is only doweled into place, into the legs and the bottom of the table. I believe I could cut the apron free using a thin kerf saw without much damage to the table. Really, it probably doesn't even ned the apron.
  3. Hey all - hoping one of you might have some advice for a rather embarrassing case of shrinkage in a solid walnut table I recently built for a client. First of all I'm working in Vancouver, Canada - essentially a temperate rainforest. High humidity, especially in the winter when I built the table. I built it about 4 months ago, now the client has sent me some pics, showing how the table surface is actually bowing, taking a concave shape, and pushing the legs out towards the bottom. It has been suggested that I get some steel angle iron brackets fabricated and mount them to the bottom, to essentially bend the table back to flat. I'm concerned this might actually crack the glue joints. The table is finished with a couple of coasts of Osmo Polyx Oil. Any ideas, thoughts, or definitely don'ts? Pics attached. Thanks!
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