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  1. I'd have to go M&T and dovetails. Cherry and walnut, although I love me some Ambrosia Maple.
  2. Got the Krenov plane done. Took a couple of shavings. Hope to get to the larger one and the spokeshave soon.
  3. I have the Shapton stones and MKll. I like the setup but I am moving over to freehand sharpening. I plan to replace my Shaptons with DMT diamond plates soon. I will say that I started stropping about a month ago and it is a game changer for me. Keeps my blades very sharp, very easily. All that said, it doesn't matter what system you use if you use it. If it's too complicated or time consuming, you'll avoid it and then you end up with dull tools which are no fun. As you get more confident and have more success, you'll eventually end up changing systems to fit your working style.
  4. This project is my favorite. My buddy died suddenly and his wife asked me to make a cremation cask for his ashes. Later she asked me to make five more, identical to the original, and divide the ashes evenly so the kids would have some too. My wife of 33 years and me at Colonial Williamsburg.
  5. Did that one time myself. Flip the blade bevel up and make sure it’s seated on the depth adjustment mechanism.
  6. That’s why I plan to come in second - RFLOL
  7. prov163


    I’ve run a museum for the last 11 years. Before that I was in management for a variety of companies. I enjoy the museum a lot and figure this is my last job since I’m 61. My retirement goal is to build furniture for extra money and pure enjoyment. And, I’d like to teach kids how to use their hands. I really think that’s lacking today.
  8. prov163

    First car?

    I learned to drive in a 1966 Thunderbird. The first car I owned was a 1964 Chevrolet Impala, 4 door. Great car. Built like a tank but gas was .40-.50 a gallon. Miss that car but I really miss those gas prices.
  9. Very nice work! And you learned some new skills to boot. Well done.
  10. I decided to order a couple of Ron Hock’s plane kits. Thought it would be a fun diversion and since I’ve never used a wooden body plane I could use it as a learning opportunity. I’ll make a post in the Review section. Anyone else here tried them?
  11. My new apprentice began today. First thing I taught him was the Mike Pekovich blue tape trick for laying out mortises (which works great by the way). Not sure if Mike will appreciate my grandson’s interpretation, but he’s in the shop. He says it’s an airplane. Fine by me. He seems to really enjoy making things and I’m going to encourage that every time I get the opportunity. At the bench, working out some design issues. He’s just like grandpa, has a running conversation with himself in the shop. After three coats of Summer allergies snot, it’s ready to go. Pass your love of craft on. The next Krenov may be lurking at your bench.
  12. This is exactly how the conversation would take place at my house.
  13. Come visit us in Georgia. 94 degrees 90% humidity. Today was a three shirt day.
  14. I use the Gripper. Like Steve said, easy to configure. I have a rule that anytime there is less than six inches between blade and fence, I use the Gripper. Yes, they’re great for small stuff, but don’t discount them as an all around push stick. I use them at the router table and bandsaw too. I can’t afford a Sawstop right now but I can afford a pair of these and accomplish the same goal - keeping my fingers. Oh, and I’d use them on a Sawstop too.
  15. Walnut. If you want to have some contrast, make your bench dogs out of walnut. Really nice bench by the way.