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  1. Its a craftsman 12 by 36 and don't know the model number I was thinking about getting the nova midi lathe chuck
  2. The lathe has a 12" swing over and I'm looking to turn bowls
  3. How long should the sealed piceses dry out for
  4. Anyone have any ideas on how to make your own kreg jig because I want one but don't want to spend 150 for one
  5. I have some black cherry logs that have been seasoning for over a year and whenever I make something from them the ends split in a day or 2 any advise on how to prevent that
  6. Build an addition to the garage
  7. What are the best chucks and chuck assessories to buy when getting into bowl turning
  8. I would use ebony with a durable sealer it's really dense and strong but a little pricey
  9. I want to make a trational Picknic table and was wondering if anyone had good links for some plans. I could probley figure it out myself but the plans would make it a little easier
  10. I am trying to build a living wall ( vertical wall hanging plant holder like a picture frame) and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on how I would do that
  11. It should be dried it was cut down a year or 2 ago
  12. I turned a baseball bat the other day out of an ash log and it turned out good it's just really heavy. Any advise on how to make one that's not so heavy?