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  1. I am working on an old dresser, 50s vintage. The dresser is mostly hardwood but the face of the drawers is (well, was) beautiful bookend veneer. Unfortunately, a guest put a vaporizer in front of the dresser and buckled the veneer. I thought since the vaporizer had done such a good job of debonding the veneer that this would be a (relatively) simple job. NOPE! I have tried a hot towel on the veneer face. I have tried a steam iron. I have tried a dilute vinegar solution. I have tried a heat gun. This veneer is glued on with the best glue on the planet. The vaporizer discharged
  2. Thanks all. Time to check the motor plates:) Is the changing motor connections a hobbyist activity or is an electrician needed?
  3. I am wondering how one can determine if a power tool can be rewired for 220v. My new shop is turning out to be a bit more amperage limited than I had hoped. My electrician has told me that 220v equipment draws half the amps of 110v. I understand Ohm's Law so that makes sense but it does seem like I am getting something for nothing. Nevertheless, I wonder if any of my power tools could be switched over to 220v and how I would determine this. Thanks!
  4. Rick, Thanks for the pictures! It is more crowded in there then I had hoped. I have listed only the large power tools. I purchased an entire shop which now inhabits and literally fills from top to bottom, a 7 x 15 storage room. Many of the power tools have mobile bases. I can see that everything except for the table saw will need one. I am constructing a 10' x 12' finishing room in the adjoining bay of the garage (which leaves enough room for the snowmobile trailer in front of the room). I planned to basically seal the room to keep it dust free but now I am thinking that I will need to
  5. I too have an old Craftman table saw. It was my dad's and I think he bought it in the fifties. It sure looks similar to yours. Mine still tilts ok:) The legs and casters are shot. I was going to try and build a new set of legs for it. What is yours sitting on?
  6. Folks, I have finally started on a dedicated wood shop. It is going to be built in one bay of a three car garage. The back half of the center bay is a finish room. The shop bay is 25' by 11' 6". The finish room is 12' x 10'. I was fortunate to purchase a rather complete wood shop from a woman. Most of the equipment is new. I have looked for a book or some web site that will help me layout the equipment initially. I understand that everything is subject to rearranging but I am planning on a professional dust collection system so it would be helpful to get things close the first time.