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  1. That is a great looking organizer/rack! Like the color contrast of the yellowheart from the beautiful lacewood when the drawer is opened. Great and very neat dovetails. Like the design and the finish and we can't get enough storage.
  2. Yeah, it works. I've been using and recycling gift wrappers for almost 5 years. They are really helpful around the shop.
  3. They are way better looking than the one bought in stores. Great job and congrats with the beautiful bundle of joy!
  4. Really like the look and design of the table, the wood inlay is a great accent...a work of art. Definitely excellent work!
  5. The wonders of wood, like every amazing grain formation on them. Thanks!
  6. I like the interesting pattern it has, adds some character to the wood which makes it beautiful. Important is that it will be put in good use.
  7. Simple but really useful project with that right size for adjusting smaller stuff. Keep it up!
  8. Beautiful piece of furniture! Great combination of wood with the copper accent which adds some character to it.
  9. Love the look of the table, very classy and sleek. Great job!
  10. Great looking display case! Superb display of etching talent!
  11. Fantastic looking pair of side tables! They turned out great even without using power tools. I like the wood, finish and the design with the details that add some character to them.
  12. Wonderful wine racks! Well built with the great wood, I am sure they are proud to get one. Great work!
  13. Impressive skill on binding the paper. Great, organic and rustic looking books. Love the carved and personalized design on it.
  14. Beautiful breadboard! Wonderful use of the wood and finish with matching funky design.
  15. Wonderful hung nightstand! Creates a nice illusion. Like the wood and the metalware which really matches the floor. Great job!