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  1. welcome I'm montgomery I have not found any clubs to say
  2. yes that is the stuff 30/70 lead rods i used bees wax and castor oil for the burning .. I just want to make some custom shaped ones.
  3. I am thinking of making some paddle i know most of made from a maple can you thing of another good hard wood that I could use?
  4. I wonder If Mel ever sold that porkchop? maybe try ebay
  5. I do outdoor kitchen designs using Gfrc and concrete I have no problem giving you advice let me know the details on the project I can tell you where to source and what to use
  6. kind of a gaming table yes but it is for a Vapor store that customers come in and work on their devices that the store provides all the tools and supplies at no charge to the customer, the issue has been of people walking out with supplies in bulk where they offer this service but other stores charge for the employees to do building or stuff like that.. So I have been working with the owner redoing the store to relaunch it with a new concept since the store is smaller then most and does ot have the budget that one in the area does. Where in the start it was not about profit it was helping pe
  7. I am working on a concept for a store that is like a poker table but it will be used in a ele shop for building parts. has anyone build a normal poker style table before. If so any tips you can share. no felt top it will be covered in my epoxy finishes so I can do shops logo and brands they carry with out having to worry about long term damage.
  8. " Can we get a man card check"
  9. cheerleaders need their own channel
  10. yeah I used the pink board in a few places but not on concrete walls .
  11. I thought I would have to cover it. the foam board i mean. I have used some spray foam in the joists where it meets the concrete. I did look into this stuff. but it's alot of money
  12. I am behind you on that one. We have had so many issues with the house and changes that need to be made I am worried about not getting back what we put in it. All the bath rooms have to be updated from some blind 70's person so instead of Tile i Will just do my Epoxy floors in there and in the office. I was told we have to change out our whole water system and softer. I don't mind doing the upgrades like curb stuff and around the pool deck cause I get the materials for cost and takes me a weekend to do. but i do need to add some plugs and check th ewiring we are having someone comeby and
  13. well I have a sewer line that wrap around two wall to my septic tank I had planned on framing in front of them but I wanted to put a foam board agnst the concrete wall I sealed most of the area in the joists with expanding foam and foam board. I have a layout out of what it looks like as of now. I use a oil boiler for heat in the house i have not run the lines to plumb the basement since it was not finished but I have it plumbed up at the boiler for it.
  14. Hey Guy, I am in starting to fix things up down stairs so I can make more use of it for a small shop area. we thought we would be able to build a shop here but with the size I wanted and resale value in the area. I figured i would just use the basement. so here is my question. since it is unfinished and uninsultated can I get away with just putting up the foam board on the walls to start or do i have to build the whole wall at the same time? I wanted to do it in stages due needing to re wire and move the laundry room? any help would be great thanks. Gary