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  1. "If you can dream it...you can build it" Who said that? Quite an accomplishment !
  2. What a cool shirt. It does nothing but inspire!
  3. I appreciate the kind comments. Ok, Marc, to associate my name. Thanks Gerald
  4. I enjoyed this guild build and was able to keep up with Marc. I didn't change any of Marc's and Aaron's design feeling that the look of the chair was exceptionally pleasing. In the past guild builds, I have made changes according to my needs and tastes. So thanks Marc. I'll be looking forward to the Roubo bench build. Gerald
  5. Thanks Marc for your great forum and all who contribute and moderate. I appreciate the policing because the forum is a pleasant and informative experience. It all goes back to what we learned as young children whether it was from our parents, our Sunday school or kindergarten: treat others as you would want to be treated.
  6. I started the Chest project in May 2010 and finished about a month ago (do the math, 8 months). The design is different than the Guild project but more useful for my home. I did learn how to hand cut dovetails since there are 96 of the little suckers. It's built out of cherry and poplar. Finished with shellac, varnish, and wax. It was a great skill building and enjoyable experience. Thanks Marc for the inspiration and all of your how-to videos.
  7. As I continue my chest of drawers project, I am looking forward to the next build. I have been scanning the "next guild build" posts and find them really humorous and informative. Especially like the piano suggestions. There are so many ways to go, but the general flavor is to go smaller. I personally am happy to build along on most any project. You, Marc, are our "leader" and have a great sense of where the Guild is headed and what makes it tick so well. Since you now have all of this input from us Guildies, how about putting together a short list of ideas and letting us vote on a pro