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  1. Looks more like a carpenter bee to me. Don't know if you have them in your neck of the woods, but here in Alabama they love to bore holes in unfinished boards. It doesn't take them long either. They look like large bumble bees.
  2. Excellent, as always, Steve. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
  3. I once had to restore a huge pile of old shutters and ended up having to make a bunch of replacement slats. I set up a jig on the drill press to hold my blanks square and used a plug cutter to cut the tenons. I then trimmed off the ends with the miter saw, leaving only the tenon sticking out. The blanks will have to be exact length before you start and the plug cutter set so that it stops at the desired depth. It was simple and did an excellent job.
  4. I've never owned a Laguna tool, but I've always wondered how good they were. They always seemed over-priced to me, so I was have wondered what they could do different that would justify the extra cost.
  5. Phil how many tequilas did you drink? Leave dancing on the tables for the ladies. Seriously, that is a very nice table.
  6. I love my hardwood supplier. I get that oak ply for $72.00 per sheet. They also run moldings for you out of whatever species you order. Walnut was under $4 the last time I checked. I haven't priced cherry in years. Alder was $1.50 last week.
  7. Great job, Joe. Oh, and welcome to the forum. Remember, you are your own worst critic, and that will only make you better. Keep up the good work.
  8. Nice job, Steve. Your shop does beautiful work.
  9. A Jewelry box to die for....Outstanding job, I know some teenager is having an organism over it right now.
  10. Hello Josh. Welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with the design, but it's a nice looking piece. Did you buy this or are you contemplating buying it?
  11. It looked like the plane was the most sophisticated tool in his shop. Aside from that, I didn't see $20.00 worth of other tools. That's really amazing. Thanks, Kris
  12. Just don't lick the frost off of it. Good price.
  13. Tad, another option would be to make two separate drawer fronts and mount them to the front of the same drawer.
  14. Hey Frede. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Design of the drawers is usually need driven. If it is a kitchen cabinet, multiple smaller drawers are usually up top to store flatware and utensils, with larger drawers below for bulkier items. Dressers are usually designed with more of the deeper drawers because you only need so much underwear and sock storage, and more bulk storage for shirts, shorts, sweats, etc. How deep the drawers are is usually determined ahead of time by the customer or the designer and there are no hard and fast rules. I usually go by what looks best or "balanced".
  16. May God smile on your new year and bless you with all the toys tools you ever dreamed of. May all your joints be tight and your boards straight. May your wife/girlfriend volunteer to do all your sanding.
  17. Very nice. Every time I see saws like this it makes me appreciate being able to buy pre-milled, kiln dried stock.
  18. Hey Ralph. Welcome to the forum. That's really a nice piece and I can see that, if you can mass produce them, there should be quite a market. Well done.
  19. The perfect gift for a chainsaw sculptor.
  20. Governor, welcome to the forum. From what you say you use in your shop regularly, I would say that the most likely would be poplar. However, does the bar of soap have a finish on it, like a whitewash?
  21. SD, that is one fine job. I know mama is proud of you.