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  1. Hi there ! First, I am happy that you understood my question despite my poor english ! Thank you all for your answers that reassure me in my choice of keeping these slabs as they are (even if that forces me to have a top slightly thinner than 4") ! @Aaron: Even if I noticed your point already in the Benchcrafted's (and Marc's) plans, thank you for this, clearly important to keep in mind ! I had the chance to find a bunch a beech at a fairly reasonable cost (around 200€ - 270$ - 170£) : so, less talking, more doing, moving to the basement right now ! I'll try to make a post with some pictures of my progress...and mistakes (beginner spotted !). Cheers !
  2. Hi there, I finally managed to start my Roubo ! I bought last year half a ton of beech already dry . In this bunch of slabs, there are two or three that are 31⁄2in thick and 105⁄8in large (9cm x 27cm). These slabs are pretty flat, no twist. Here a picture of one of them already milled : My question here is: can I build the (split) top from two of these slabs as they are or do I have to laminate it in order to prevent wood movement or whatsoever ? Thanks in advance !
  3. Francophone je suis oui. Vous n'avez pas eu beaucoup de réponses !
  4. Really nice work ! (and blog by the way). Thank you !
  5. Hi there, I am looking to becoming a guild member and this mainly for the roubo project files. My main question is : if I am a member (Standard Membership) do I have access to the Roubo documents ? Do I have to pay more for it ? This question is due to this line in the description of the "Standard Membership" subscription : "New members will receive 1 FREE* Archived project with purchase up to $65 Value" (and the Roubo project a la carte is $100). Thanks in advance ! Stephan... futur guild member