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  1. i installed some touch-to-open drawer slide in a cabinet and for some reason the drawers in there fully close position rest crooked in the cabinet. i have tried moving the cabinet members back to compensate...didnt work. tried shimming the cabinet member to correct for the askewness when they r closed...nothing. anyone got any ideas on whats goin on and how to fix. i will try to get some photos of the askew drawers. thanks for the help Peter
  2. I removed the bearings and repacked them with grease. Seems to have solved the issue but I guess only time will tell. I actually scored 3 beavers (ts jointer and lathe). Thanks for the advice apple wood. Seeing as I am a member of owwm I will post over there aswell.
  3. I agree with the above comments. I connected it when I first got it with the 2.5" hose because that's all I had and it would spit chipsnout the front of the machine and inside as well. Once I connected it to the 4" haven't had the problem. Seems to be a more efficient way to contain the chips especially with the force of the exhaust. 4" is the way to go for sure.
  4. Hey folks. I got a beaver 3800 6"jointer that won't turn over. The motor will turn over but when I connect the drive belt the cutter head won't rotate and bogs the motor down. The cutter head doesnt spin freely. Does this mean the bearings need replacing or is there other options? Also how would I go about replacing the bearings if that's what I need to do? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Peter