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  1. there is a magnificent difference between a 15 amp 120v motor (which is what the bosch 4000 has) and a 20 amp 220v motor which comes with your standard cabinet saw. I'm not quick enough with the proper specifications on how to qualify horsepower so i wont comment on what is deemed horsepower. If you're only doing hobby woodworking and plan to do some smaller furniture projects maybe a bathroom vanity or shop cabinets i'd say do the deal with your buddy and learn everything there is to know about owning a higher quality job site saw. i had a fine little ryobi for a few
  2. 3/32"- 1/8" is pretty good if the shelves are less than 48". especially for someone who maybe isn't familiar with adjustable shelves outside of ikea or the local home store. i agree with @Barron. glue the case first then cut shelves to fit. you never know...
  3. i like those lee valley roto hinges my dad has one of those salt boxes... i always thought it was just a metal pin. i wonder if the lid comes off?
  4. Spencer_J

    17 ft bookcase

    my journey on a tall, well... wide, order :)
  5. just put in some new belts today and WOW. what a difference. i got some of the green V link belts from HF, and only installed two, the saw is so much quieter and my push stick doesn't vibrate off the table now
  6. 8 ft. workbench that stays put a big 12 ft. communal table end grain counter top whisky barrels a small pole barn a whole set of doors and windows for my cabin
  7. my clamps are on the wall above a counter top, i don't like that. i'd prefer to have an open space where i can walk up and grab a clamp off the wall without reaching over a counter top like most shops i see. if i had the space for a dedicated glue up table, i'd have clamps, cauls, glues, brushes, packing tape etc. on the wall behind the glue up table then for my assembly table i'd have the work holding clamps on the side & under that table. i'm getting there soon enough
  8. probably should have started looking earlier but such is life. my girlfriend got me a knife making class at the steel yard in providence. the class is coming up this saturday and we'll need a place to stay with our 42 lb weimaraner. any suggestions? i'm planning to look on air bnb and ask a friend but it never hurts to ask the community over here... thanks
  9. it's the best. pelican offers it in their cases for guns too... http://www.fastcap.com/estore/pc/Kaizen-Foam-p13435.htm
  10. Just remember this: black to brass will burn your ass. Sent from my thumbs
  11. Since woodworking is my job, i keep a long list called " that'd be nice to have" Whenever i see a new tool or sexy material, i get my impulse out on the list instead of the wallet. With the impulse behind me, i focus on prioritizing my list. I usually have several long term items like bigger tools that will require shop layout change. The small items i try to limit to a few per month. I take my expendable income for woodworking and spend 1/3 save 1/3 and give 1/3 away. It always keeps me in check. For every project you make for yourself, make two for your family... At least starting out!
  12. That's it. If you don't have a Drill press you can get one of those devices that hold a corded drill. Sent from my thumbs
  13. I'll leave that PEX for water, then! Sent from my thumbs
  14. I have a big roll of left over pex... Hmmmm Sent from my thumbs